Rozlyn Papa


"Rozlyn has no knowledge of any such tape."

This is what her rep tells us following a report from TMZ that The Bachelor's most controversial contestant ever, Rozlyn Papa, has a sex tape that is being shopped around to porn companies.

That said, we here at E! can tell you one thing: Rozlyn is interested in being in front of the camera in a different capacity. Here's what we know...

Rozlyn came in Tuesday for a general audition right here at our E! studios.

The Bachelor controversy aside, the stunning blonde certainly has the face for TV, and we can tell you that the 28-year-old model/makeup artist from Virginia is pursuing on-camera work here in Hollywood.

Her Women Tell All verbal sparring partner--host Chris Harrison--predicted Rozlyn might be interested in getting into the Biz when I spoke to him Tuesday for his last interview ever about Rozlyn: "I'm not sure what her endgame is, but she might be looking for publicity."

For you who've missed the big scandal surrounding this season of The Bachelor, Rozlyn was ousted from the show after reportedly having an affair with a producer when the cameras weren't rolling. She denies any wrongdoing, while some of Rozlyn's former housemates contend she was more than "friends" with the fired producer while living in The Bachelor house.

The Bachelor finale airs Monday night on ABC.


If you missed it, here are Chris' final words about Rozlyn. And here's Rozlyn's take on The Bachelor's rumored winner and who should win.

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