What's rock 'n' roll without a little drama? Devoid of sweet emotion, that's for sure!

After a few months of squabbles and threats that Aerosmith would be moving forward without frontman Steven Tyler, the group has announced a reunion and a European summer tour.

Last August, Tyler toppled off the stage during a performance. In addition to hurting himself, the band had to cancel the rest of its concert lineup. Guitarist Joe Perry drew the line, telling him he had to shape up before he could get back in the saddle, and buzz hit the Net that the group was auditioning replacements.

Toward the end of the year, the group said they were still together just before the singer headed to rehab for an addiction to painkillers.

"I auditioned and I got the gig," Tyler jokes in the group's announcement video.

In other words, while our lousy puns just keep on comin', the group is getting back to its same old song and dance.


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