Jake Pavelka

After last season's Bachelor debacle (you know, the time when classy Jason ditched his betrothed on national TV for the runner-up?), we were so ready to root for a nice guy on his quest for love.

Clearly our prayers were answered when it was announced that yummy Jake Pavelka would be the star of this season. The pilot from Texas was a contestant on Jillian Harris' season of the Bachelorette, and made us swoon with his boy-next-door mug and devilishly charming personality.

But is it, uh, all a bit too put on?

One fan has a report for us, as she was caught admiring Jake from across the room at the "Women Tell All" taping this week...

And Jake totally saw! But instead of being put off, the notoriously nice Bachelor waltzed right over offered to take a pic with his shy admirer. Enjoying the newfound fame a bit, are we?

Which makes us wonder: Will Jake "turn Hollywood" and milk his 15 minutes of fame, and then some?

It's not like it hasn't been tried—previous Bachelors like Bob Guiney and Aaron Buerge have been trying to extend their fame for years.

Although Jake appeared level-headed and calm on Jillian's season, his rash decisions (like eliminating girls left and right) on his own show lead us to believe that anything—like a foray into Hollywood—is possible with him. He's so there, know what we mean?

And look at Jake's final two gals, Tenley and Vienna, they could not be more different. While squeaky-voiced Tenley doesn't seem like the glitz and glam type, self-proclaimed "Princess" Vienna looks is dying to make a name for herself.

He's all over the place!

Jake has been full of surprises this season, and we wouldn't be shocked if he picked the girl we least expect to see him with—very show-stopping Hollywood, you know. But, perhaps we're just too jaded regarding these toothy newly famous types?

What do you think—will Jake pick Tenley and live a suburban life? Or will he join forces with attention-whore Vienna?


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