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Here's one reason you should be happy if Vienna wins The Bachelor tonight: It will inspire women everywhere.

No, seriously!

We've talked to Vienna herself—yes, in the flesh!—and also host Chris Harrison, and here's what you should know about the final rose:

Vienna, The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka

ABC/Greg Zabilski

It's been rumored for weeks that—Spoiler Alert!—Vienna will win tonight, and there is also talk of an engagement ring on the way. So how did the girl who made no friends in the house (OK, maybe one) land America's hottest Bachelor du jour?

Answer: She was completely determined to win. Right from the get-go.

"I told Jake in the first minute we had together," Vienna told us, "'I'm not looking to leave this house with a rose. I want a ring.'"

Vienna refused to take no for an answer, and exuded complete confidence throughout the season, having visualized her win from the very beginning. (Time to brush off that dusty copy of The Secret on your bookshelf, ladies!) And apparently, Jake thought that was sexy!

But that's not the only reason she made it so far.

"Jake and I hit it off from the very beginning," Vienna told us as she was shooting the current season. "I offer a lot to him. I'm a great girl. I'm beautiful. I'm smart. But I also want the same life that he wants. I want to be a stay-at-home mom, I want work for a couple years, but I want to raise my kids and be that 5 o'clock dinner on the table Southern girl. That's the family I want."

So apparently Vienna and Jake have the same vision for the future. "I've already explained to him that I want the house out in the middle of nowhere, 10 acres, and that's the life I want to live," Vienna told us. "That's how he grew up and that's how I grew up, and I think we connect really well in that way."

So although Vienna (the house pariah) may seem drastically different from Tenley (who according to her housemates "s--ts rainbows" and "dreams in cartoons") it turns out the two girls aren't all that different.

"Tenley and Vienna have made it as the final two for the same reason," host Chris Harrison tells me. "As different as they are, and they are very different, they are very much alike. They both give [Jake] that unconditional love, that protection, just everything that he's looking for. They both have kind of the same values. I know they don't seem like that, but they really do, when you get right down to it."

And because of that, Chris explains that Jake loved both girls in a way. "Part of him did love her [the girl he didn't choose]," Chris says. "But who he chose and who he ends up with…It's different. You'll see it [tonight]. You'll see that it's different. And in the After the Final Rose special, when you hear the other girls speak, even she [the loser] realizes it was different."

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