Nadya Suleman insists she isn't crazy.

But despite the big words Octomom attempted to throw around on The View today, that's not all true. At the least, she talks crazy-fast and wears crazy-awful outfits.

As for what she was actually saying, the mother of 14, including those eight 1-year-olds, admits she may have been delusional when she went for fertility treatments the final time.

"I believe, in my mind, I was fooling myself, thinking, well I'm rationalizing—I do that often—thinking, Well I can't have kids later. I was told I had this time frame with regards to fertility," she explains. "So, in my head, delusionally thinking that I could finish [my masters program], that I could have one more baby after the six, that I could continue and earn enough money to take care of them."

A few minutes later, Whoopi Goldberg gently asks the megamom if she's out of her mind "there might be a mind thing" with her that led her to having so many children.

"I've asked myself that for years, too," she confesses. "Everyone goes through life, some people in varying degrees wearing certain clouded glasses. I was in denial for so many years thinking, Oh, I'm so smart, I have a year left for my masters, I can do it all. I'm strong. I study all night long. I'm taking care of my kids, all six of them, no help at all. Not one nanny. So I'm thinking, What's one more from six? So this happens.

"It took this monolithic experience of having eight simultaneously to completely wake me up and alter my mindset permanently…Everything, I'm dumping into the book that I'm writing."

That's right! Suleman has a book coming (suddenly her TV appearance makes more sense!). But that still doesn't answer the question. Thank goodness for Barbara Walters, who rephrases more clearly, "Do you think that you are all there?"

This gives Octomom a moment to take a deep breath and, believe it or not, make a great point.

"I think absolutely," she says with conviction. "In true genuine mental illness, if you're exposed to extraordinary stressers, you will, most likely, not be able to tap into yourself and pull out the reserves and pull out the resources and strengths you need survive and to continue to stay afloat. If I were genuinely mentally unstable, I would have drowned."

After more light chatter about her "atomic laugh" and the doctor whom she claims was only doing his job, the subject of more kids comes up.

Cue the eye rolls and groans—Suleman gave a "never say never" answer about having a 15th.

"Some day far, far, far in the future, when they're older, if, God-willing, I meet somebody," she says. "I don't want any [kids] more alone, but I'm not going to say 100-percent, 'No, I'm not gonna someday far in the future get married and want a baby with that person.' "

Supporting her family is another story. While Nadya maintains that she never wanted fame, she admits she want into "survival mode" and had to take money for appearances for the betterment of her children. Her explanation of long-term plans, however, was conspicuously absent from the whirling dervish of her interview.


Have you heard what else Octomom has been up to?

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