Matt Damon, Robert Kennedy,

Matt Damon is coming for Camelot.

In a rather inspired piece of casting news, the Oscar-winning Hollywood royal is thisclose to starring as the nearest thing we've got to American royalty: a Kennedy. Specifically, Robert F. Kennedy.

While it's not yet a done deal, Damon is attached to play the assassinated presidential candidate in the biopic, which will be adapted from Evan Thomas' decade-old tome, Robert Kennedy: His Life.

Damon's ultimate decision will hinge on the final script, which has yet to be written. (Once it is, it'll be the second Bobby-centric flick in the past few years.)

Well, he's already got the accent down. Not to mention the politics.


Damon's not the only one making moves in Hollywood. Check out what Jonah Hill and Freida Pinto have planned with a flip through our Casting Couch gallery.

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