Leif Garrett

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Leif Garrett is now ready to go the Lindsay Lohan route. No, the other Lindsay Lohan route.

The fallen teen idol pleaded no contest today to pulling the old heroin-in-the-shoe trick back in February. He copped to the felony possession count in hopes of being sentenced to drug treatment instead of jail.

Will it work?

Let's hope so. Garrett, 48, will be entering an 18-month treatment program. If he makes it through without any screwups, the heroin charge will be dismissed.

The former Tiger Beat pinup appeared in court to enter his plea, but left without speaking to reporters. His lawyer, Andrew Flier, did tell reporters that he "was proud" of Garrett for getting help.

The "Feel the Need" singer was busted Feb. 1 at a downtown train station after a couple of beat cops thought the sweating, shaking, disheveled Garrett was acting a bit off. He eventually 'fessed up to having black tar heroin in his shoe, per the police report.

You'd think he'd avoid public transportation, having been popped back in 2006 for possession of quaaludes and heroin at a subway station. That offense earned him a 90-day jail sentence. He also violated his probation in a 2005 cocaine charge, landing in him in court-ordered drug treatment.

Leif, may we suggest calling a taxi next time?

(Originally published Feb. 24, 2010, at 10:05 a.m. PT)

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