Lost Redux: Want to Know What the Island Is?

Find out what you may have missed in tonight's episode, plus exclusive scoop on what lies ahead

By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 24, 2010 5:12 AMTags
Lost, Matthew Fox, Jorge GarciaABC/Mario Perez

Oh, Claire! You really have been hanging out in the wrong places, my dear.

Emilie de Ravin's final line in tonight's episode, revealing her "friend," was an awesome little jaw-dropper, but the biggest revelations involve the numbers, our new friend David Shephard and what big mystery will be revealed sooner than you think. (Hint: See title above.)

Keep reading for what you may have missed tonight and scoop on what lies ahead!

ABC/Mario Perez


Who's Good and Who's Evil? Jorge Garcia tells me this: "I don't think Hurley is going to be turnable. Like I don't think he can…turn dark. I mean, it'd be interesting if there was a flash of that." So perhaps some of the candidates cannot be touched/claimed by MIB? Clearly Hurley has to wind up a good guy.

What Is the Island? That very huge question will be answered in less time than you think--somewhere around halfway through the season, according to  sources. Awesome, right? And you know who's going to help deliver the message? The fantastic, ever-youthful guyliner model Mr. Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) and his longtime friend Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). It's gonna be good.

So…What Is the Island? It's described as a four-letter word. There's your first clue! Shall we play Hangman? There are no A's or E's in the word...Wanna buy another vowel? OK, but you only get one.

Another thing I can tell you: The Island has to exist, according to my sources, and more important, someone has to protect it. It's important to the world outside. 

Spoiler Alert: Find out which dead Lostie will be back!

Then comment below with what you thought of tonight's episode, plus anything and everything I overlooked tonight...