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Complete the following sentences: (1) Perhaps the only thing bigger than the number of Tiger Woods' "girlfriends" is the number of Tiger Woods' _____; (2) The Kardashians have more fans than _____; and (3) If the The Bachelor were an Olympic athlete, it'd be a _____ medalist. 

The answers—and more questions—in the latest TV ratings quiz:

1. To briefly recap: What's bigger than Woods' harem? Or Warren Beatty's, for that matter? The audience for Woods' apology. The 13-minute press conference was watched live on seven cable networks by nearly 7 million, some of whom have not even had sex with the golfer.

2. What was the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardasians bigger than? Well, for starters, about 40 prime-time shows on the big four free-TV networks, and every single thing on the CW, per the latest weekly rankings. In all, the episode's 4.8 million viewers made it the No. 1 cable series, and the most-watched E! telecast ever.

3. Based on last night's performance, what color medal would The Bachelor be wearing? A battered but well-earned silver. The two-hour, get-Rozlyn special, The Bachelor: Women Tell All, scored 11.2 million witnesses versus the unbeatable Olympics' 21 million, per estimates. Next week, The Bachelor finale gets the ice time slot all to itself. (If you don't count House, etc....)

4. How huge are the Winter Olympics? Americans, a lot of them, in fact, watched a hockey game! Sunday's U.S. versus Canada match averaged 8.2 million on cable (MSNBC), no less. And the eye-popping stats just keep coming: Through Sunday, 167 million people—more than half the nation—have caught at least some Olympic action thanks to the excellence of Evan, Apolo, Lindsay and Bode.

5. What's the most popular Olympic sport? According to a Nielsen Media Research ratings survey conducted prior to Shaun White's gold-medal-winning flight, freestyle skiing (aka moguls, ski cross and aerials).

6. Has the games cut into your FarmVille harvest? Are you kidding? About 13 percent of people tuned to the Winter Olympics' opening ceremony were simultaneously online, Nielsen said, and, of those folks, most checked in on Facebook.     

7. What are the chances you watched the Olympics last Thursday, but DVR'd Grey's Anatomy? Pretty good. Per the latest weeklong DVR-playback stats available, Grey's Anatomy once again added the most viewers: 2.8 million. The Mentalist, Wednesday's American Idol, House and Lost rounded out the top five. The opposite of a DVR hit show would be The Jay Leno Show, which, on average, added only 85,000 viewers.

Here's a look at the top 10 Olympic broadcast network shows for the week ended Sunday, per Nielsen Media Research:

  1. Winter Olympics (Wednesday), 29.4 million
  2. Winter Olympics (Saturday), 26.7 million
  3. Winter Olympics (Monday), 25.2 million
  4. Winter Olympics (Thursday), 24.8 million
  5. American Idol (Tuesday), 23.9 million
  6. Winter Olympics (Friday), 23.3 million
  7. Winter Olympics (Sunday), 23.29 million
  8. Winter Olympics (Tuesday), 20.3 million
  9. American Idol (Wednesday), 18.6 million
  10. Undercover Boss, 13.8 million


Keep track of all, and we mean all of, Tiger Woods' alleged other women right here.


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