Spoiler Chat: Guess Who's Coming Back to Lost and Scoring on Vampire Diaries?

Plus, exclusive scoop on Modern Family, The Office, The Bachelor and more

By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 23, 2010 1:20 AMTags
Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, Ian SomerhalderQuantrell Colbert/The CW

A picture is worth a thousand words, and at least 500 of those would be hot and smoldering when it comes to Ian Smolderhotter Somerhalder.

And when a photo is combined with the headline above, it says these words too:

Spoiler Alert! Ian just might pop back up on Lost again—Praise Jacob!—but not before he scores a point or two over Stefan (with Nina Dobrev's Elena) on The Vampire Diaries. What's that other word again? Oh yeah: Woo.

Here's the latest on Lost and Vampire Diaries, plus dish on The Office, The Bachelor, Brothers & Sisters and more...

Mae in Atlanta: Please tell me some of the sexy Vampire Diaries stars are hooking up in real-life!

Guy D'Alema/The CW

Not so, says Candice Accola (Caroline). "There's so much heat going on onscreen—we're all just a family," Candice tells us with a laugh. "I wish there was some juice or some crazy things going down, but not really. We disgustingly all just get along, and no one's dating." So apparently all the drama is happening on the show? Hmph! (Check the spoiler section below for that.)

Morris: I am so happy to hear that Ali doesn't want to do The Bachelorette! Thanks for the scoop. Is there any chance Gia will do it?
Just talked to Gia herself and good news: "Yeah, I would definitely consider it," she says. "It's such an amazing experience, and I would love to ultimately find love and see how it is on the other end. I think everybody deserves a chance to have that opportunity to be the Bachelorette and find love with 25 great guys." Anyone else hoping Gia gets the gig? Personally, I'd love to see some new blood.

Michele: What happend to Ryan (Luke Grimes) on Brothers & Sisters? He is a regular but only appeared in 5 out of 15 episodes so far...
According to sources, he is being "phased out." I'm told "he didn't really fit with the cast from the very beginning." Maybe Rob Lowe can get him a new gig wherever he ends up?

Joanie in Atlana: Any updates on a Dr. Horrible sequel?
Simon Helberg tells us that scheduling is still the only thing standing between Moist and another Dr. Horrible. "I'm ready, and I know they've been working on it. I've heard little bits of storyline about things, and it's great." Now if only Neil Patrick Harris would get off his lazy butt and pick up another acting gig!

Miranda in Chicago: Any chance Scott Foley will be back on Cougar Town? I really thought he and Courteney Cox had great chemistry.
You're not alone, sister. According to Busy Phillips (Laurie), the whole Cougar Town crew is hoping Scott returns to the show. "Everyone in the cast is hoping Scott comes back. Scott just really fits into our crew, so it's open-ended. He might be coming back."

Rebecca in Richmond, Va.: Was My Boys canceled? What happened to that show?
My Boys
is not canceled! In fact, they're in production on season four as we speak. Goodies coming up for us fans will include Stephanie acting as a romance coach for Brendo. Good times?

Deirdre in Tallahassee: Please, Lost scoop!
Keep reading below, but also, I'm going to be interviewing the Lost cast very soon at the Paley Television Festival, along with many others from other awesome shows. So (a) look for me and say hi if you happen to attend the festival and (b) Please email me any questions and/or professions of love for the following casts: Modern Family, Lost, NCIS, Community, Dexter, Cougar Town, The Vampire Diaries, Breaking Bad, FlashForward, Glee or Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Especially Dexter, as I'll be moderating that one...and trying not to weep when I see Julie Benz.)

Courtesy of Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Monica: Damon and Stefan for the win! Any scoop on Vampire Diaries?  
Sorry, but I only have some good news for you Damon-Elena shippers: Stefan may dabble in something very un-Stefanlike again soon, which might change him somehow, and I just can't imagine that goes over well with good girl Elena. Also, you'll never guess whose body is going to be found...The next few episodes are gonna be good! 

Stephanie: What's the word on Lost? Give me something juicy!
Oh, and I suppose you want to know about that scoop I teased at the tippy top! Well, sources tell me that we will see Ian Somerhalder's Boone again before Lost comes to an end, and given that we now know Maggie Grace's Shannon also will return, we can only hope they share some screen time together again, right? Vampire Diaries boss Julie Plec (love her) told me she's good friends with Lost boss Damon Lindelof, and asked him about Ian before casting him on her show: "I called up Damon and said, 'Hey, Is Ian an ass? Because I think he might be an ass.' And [Damon] told me, 'No, he's awesome.' So when he asked for Ian [on Lost], of course I had to say yes! It ended up being a bit more involved than we thought, but I had to say yes since [Damon] helped me out in the first place." Food for thought: Are all the nice/cool showrunners part of some supersecret club? If so, can we locate their secret hideout and crash it? I want in!

Whitley: Thanks so much for the Lost Reduxes every Tuesday night. I love them! Can you give any goods for this week?
Thank you! Now pardon me while I try to speak with tongue tied: I know what the Island is. And you will, too—much sooner than you thought you would. More on that in tomorrow night's Lost Redux. (Whee!)

Matt in Scripps Ranch, Calf.: Enough shipper talk! I just want some fun, old-fashioned scoop on Lost.       
We caught up with Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks fame, and he said he's totally gonna end up with Kate. Kidding! Here's what he really said: "Damon Lindelof is an old dear friend of mine, and for six years he would say, 'I'm going to write you something cool on the show,' and finally he did!" Just keep your eyes peeled because it's a blink-and-you'll miss it guest spot. "It's a little itty-bitty cameo, one scene, and I don't want to say what it is. I want to people to watch like hawks, 'Ah! There it is!' " Awesome. And speaking of blink-and-you'll-miss-it, did anyone else realize that the temp-agency girl who interviewed John Locke in last week's episode was also Hurley's psychic in season three? I caught it on my 83rd take of the episode cause I'm that smart.

Patty in New Jersey: Do you know anything else about Wil Wheaton's return to The Big Bang Theory? He and Jim Parsons were so funny together.
As a matter of fact, we were with the BBT gang right before they announced Wil's return, and they couldn't be more excited. "We had a great time when Wil Wheaton showed up as Sheldon's nemesis," show runner Bill Prady tells us, and when he returns, "Sheldon will try to even the score. "Sadly, writer Lee Aronsohn tells us: "I don't think Wil Wheaton can be bested." Poor Sheldon, foiled again!

Claire in Huntington Beach, Calif.: What else is coming up on The Big Bang Theory?
There's a Lord of the Rings episode coming up that sounds like one of the funniest of the season. "We find the Lord of the Rings ring that's the last one in existence from the movie that didn't go to the actors, and it tears us apart like it did in the movie," Simon Helberg (Wolowitz) tells us. "It's hilarious—you see Sheldon get drunk in that episode." Which, Kaley Cuoco tells us is all Penny's doing. And poor Raj will continue to play the third wheel. "He continues to get more and more lonely as Bernadette and Wolowitz and Leonard and Penny continue dating, and he gets stuck with Sheldon a lot," teases Kunal Nayyar.

ABC/Karen Neal

Melina in Washington, D.C.: Private Practice? I can't get enough.
Private Practice
continues to up the show's action factor, and this time it'll be Dell (Chris Lowell) who gets the action. When one of Addison's preggo patients has a possibly fatal complication during a house call, our favorite midwife has to save the day out in the field without any help.

Jeanna in Seattle: Thanks for the report on Katee Sackhoff last week. Did she say anything about the relationship with her onscreen ex-boyfriend?
Katee did bring up her pain-in-the-butt 24 beau and says things aren't quite as they seem. "Everyone keeps saying that something's going to pop out of Dana and kill her ex-boyfriend. I have to say that you will be surprised, possibly a bit disappointed." Bummer, we'd like to see that sketchy dude offed! Katee promises, "Dana's got a few tricks up her sleeve, [but] she will be weaseling her way out of this the entire season hopefully."

Marshall in Rhode Island: Will Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Cole survive this season of 24? I hope so.
No comment! My mama said that if you don't have something happy to report, report nothing at all...or something like that.

Cassandra in Prescott, Ariz.: What's going to be happening when 90210 finally returns?
Get ready for some major stalking from 90210's creepy drug dealer, Jasper. He'll continue blackmailing Annie over the hit-and-run death of his uncle, but when she finally stands up to him, his lurkiness increases tenfold. And the will-they-won't-they love story between Silver and Teddy quickly becomes a will, then a won't-again, then back to a will...for now at least.

Michelle in Austin: Anything else on 90210?
Even though Liam and Naomi are back together, things will not be easy. In fact, they are downright uncomfortable—no conversation, awkward pauses. The only thing good between the two is the sex...and we'll see lots of it.

Wendell in Wyoming: I cannot wait for the Jam baby episode! Any other scoop on The Office?
You and me both, brotha! (Especially after the promo above.) Not only are the producers casting that new love interest for Michael Scott (Steve Carell) who will show up this spring, but Brian Baumgartner tells us Kevin's love life is not over either! "Over the next part of the season, Kevin is going to make a concerned effort to improve his work and his accounting skills. And, bag a bunch of models." OK, so maybe he's kidding about that last part.

Britney in Wiesbaden, Germany: What's the latest on Life Unexpected? I love that show!
The latest news on LUX is that Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) is an awesome dad. In the March 1 episode, Baze's knucklehead friends try to convince him that Ryan (Kerr Smith) is making him the "chump gorilla," so Baze starts working overtime to convince Lux that he's the superior father figure. His first effort falls short, but his second attempt is nothing less than heroic and involves the creative use of shower curtains. You will love him more ever.

Jason in Indianapolis: Need some Chuck info...When are we going to see Jeffster?
returns March 1 at 8 p.m., and Jeffster is coming with 'em! We'll next see the Jeff-Lester band onstage Monday in the "Chuck Versus the Fake Name" episode, when the Buy Morons barricade themselves inside the store. And this performance might just trump "Mr. Roboto" from the second-season finale and "Fat Bottomed Girls" at Comic-Con. Music montages have never been so dorkily awesome. Diedrich Bader (The Drew Carey Show) also hams it up in the ep as a Buy More exec with an ulterior motive. You must watch!

Ken in New York: Any news about original-flavor Law & Order? It's still my favorite after all these years.
The Law & Order mothership relaunches next Monday, March 1 at 9 p.m. on NBC. The first ep back is a little shaky—it's about too much crazy stuff, everything from an insane clown posse to Lupo's (Jeremy Sisto) PTSD to personal hygenie—but hang in there for episode two, "Boy on Fire," which airs immediately following at 10 p.m. The second installment stars the permanently brilliant Debra Winger as a misguided school principal who tries to protect some teenage bullies. Winger is still one of the best actresses going, and she does great work in the part.

Amanda in Itatiba, São Paulo: Hi, hello! I am crazy about Glee. We just finished the first half of the season here in Brazil, and I need to know what comes next. So spoil me, please. I want to know about Rachel and Finn! Kisses.
Beijos backatcha, babe! Sadly, though, Rachel and Finn won't be sharing any beijos (that's kisses) anytime soon, according to my moles. How do you say sad clown in Portuguese?

Simone in Hemet, Calif.: Any scoop on Southland? I need a Ben McKenzie-Michael Cudlitz fix!
New episodes of Southland finally premiere next Tuesday, and the documentary-style drama is better than ever. In addition serving up the usual crime and grime of LAPD life, the new Southland eps are a treat for O.C. fans. Look for a second Ryan-Oliver reunion when Ben Sherman's (Ben McKenzie) sister tries to set him up with a cute girl (Grey's Anatomy's Nora Zehetner), and she arrives in the company of some bonehead 90210 types including Wade (Taylor Handley). And Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) is fabulous as Regina King's temporary new partner. Start praying now that the ratings for Southland's new season are awesome and that TNT sees fit to order another stack of episodes. This show is too good to lose.

Victory in Tucson: I need Legend of the Seeker scoop!
A very important dead person is coming back to life (and no, we're not talking about baneling Cara), and someone has a secret love child. Gasp!

ABC/Bob D'Amico

Bentley in Akron, Ohio: Any scoop on Modern Family?
Fight, fight, fight! In an upcoming ep, Jay (Ed O'Neill) tries to toughen up Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) by teaching him a few wrestling moves, and Mitchell puts his newfound skills to use defending Claire's (Julie Bowen) honor in an Apple Store. This could possibly turn out to be better than Claire and Mitchell's ice-skating routine and/or Mitchell's closing argument. We heart Mitchell!

Eloise in Daly City, Calif.: Need Trauma news!
Good news for Kevin Rankin fans—and really, who isn't a Kevin Rankin fan? When Trauma returns, we'll be seeing how Tyler got his start as a paramedic back in rural Louisiana before he moved up to the big city—and we hear that Kevin/Tyler will be sporting seriously scandalous redneck hair for this flashback.

Caroline in Detroit: Any news on Parks and Recreation?
We're going to meet April the intern's (Aubrey Plaza) mom, and she's totally different than her daughter. Mom is described as "supercheery and upbeat," while April is...April.

Jackie in Mobile, Ala.: Any news about How I Met Your Mother?
Ted's going to buy a house! Good news, right? Not so much—you saw The Money Pit, right? Let's just say that this property is going to make Marshall and Lily's place in Dowisetrepla look like 40 acres in paradise.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Megan Masters and Lindsay Miller


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