Tiger Woods: Dressed for Success or Just a Big Mess?

Fashion experts weigh in on the golf champ's apology attire with mixed reactions

By Marc Malkin Feb 19, 2010 8:46 PMTags
Tiger WoodsEric Gay-Pool/Getty Images

Tiger Woods has gazillions in the bank, so most would assume he would have worn a much nicer suit during his mea culpa press conference today.

But no. The jacket was too big, his shirt collar popped out like a pair of bird wings, and where was his tie?

So was this the right look for the big "I'm sorry"? We asked some fashion insiders to give us their take on the apology attire. Keep reading to find out what they had to say, including even some Jersey Shore advice...

"Because he was caught behaving badly, he did the right thing by not wearing a tailored suit," says Robin Walker, a Chicago-based image consultant. "In this case the strategy was to look like, 'I''m just an ordinary guy…in a cheap suit!' "

Walker even went so far as to say the suit was a perfect match for the press conference.

"Just as his apology was planned, a trip to the Men's Wearhouse for the 'buy one, get one' sale was probably planned as well," she said.

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch agrees. "A subtle and simple move was best—hence the overly subtle and overly simple suit and no flashy brand names," he said. "Nothing to remind us that despite boinking 16 other women than his wife, this guy is still a multimillionaire and the biggest name in sports."

But leave it to Barneys New York creative mastermind Simon Doonan to see things a little differently.

"I was so shocked to see him looking so conservative and serious," Doonan said. "It was a real 'court date' outfit…After the wild hedonistic life he has been leading, he should at least try to dress the part. After all the insane hooker escapades, I was expecting him to show up working a flamboyant Jersey Shore/Ed Hardy look."

Does Tiger have the potential to be more GTL than hole in one these days? Perhaps.

Doonan said, "Maybe he should get some fashion tips from The Situation."

Guess that means Woods would need a Jersey Shore name...

Got any ideas? Leave your comments below.


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