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So, was Tiger Woods' public apology good, bad or otherwise?

From the looks of our poll, people will have to agree to disagree. One glance at Twitter, and you can tell Hollywood is just as conflicted.

"Very honorable words from Tiger Woods," applauds Mandy Moore . "Good for him."

Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers is taking a more mocking approach, joking, "To come out of this scandal and still be named valedictorian is an amazing accomplishment for Tiger."

"Tiger, wa, wa, wa! That was a ploy to save sponsors," writes Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger. "I can read body language. He's not sorry. I bet he called Rachel Uchitel this morning."

Look who else has added their two cents…

Melissa Joan Hart "Tiger ate a big bowl of stink and I think he is sincere and apologetic!"

"Lot of you didnt buy Tigers speech.Seemed heartfelt& people deserve a chance 2 improve. Sometimes we wait to get caught to make a change!"

"I liked that he apologized 2 parents whose kids were looking up 2 him. I was counting on him as a role model for my boys so that was big 2 me!"

Jewel "Yah—so glad Tiger cleared that up—I wasn't sure who to blame. RT @ESPN_Michelle and so..I learned that we shouldn't blame Elin. Phew."

Jamie Kennedy "I tried Buddishm...basically you wake up every morning and u pray to a bowl of mango."

Alyssa Milano "Can some1 explain to me how a man-slut gets the same network coverage as our President or a telethon for #Haiti. Anyone?"

Marlee Matlin: "Tiger Woods spoke. What did you all think? His words certainly seemed sincere. I wonder in this fast paced, PR savvy world if it's true?"

"Regarding Tiger Woods, I had an addiction and went through rehab Making amends is part of recovery. Cynical or not its what the process is."

"Unless you have had an addiction or created dismal failure of trust, one cannot judge the sincerity of a person making amends."

"Tiger Woods' public persona asked us to trust him/buy products he endorsed His statement says I'm making amends because I betrayed that trust."

Selita Ebanks: "I can't believe they interrupted my show for this foolery! I don't care if Tiger is a whore! Gosh."

Michael Strahan "Sad but true: When Tiger plays again all this nonsense will be repeated. Ppl never get enough of seeing some1 else's misery! Enough already!"

Meghan McCain: "I am so over Tiger Woods."

"Complaining about the media while essentially asking for a mea culpa from the media and the public is exactly what his problems are about."


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