Call it an E! intervention, 'cause Kris Jenner did.

After months of public dissing, high-stakes tension and more awkward moments than we care to recall (but hey, that's what The Soup is for), the don't-mess-with-her matriarch of the Kardashian clan has finally deigned to sit down and at least attempt to play nice with Kourtney's baby daddy, misunderstood douche extraordinaire Scott Disick.

So how did it go? How do you suppose...

Actually, we're not sure whether to credit Giuliana Rancic's calming interview skills, the passing of time or the decided lack of a nearby alcohol supply, but the terrible twosome was, well, pretty civil.

"It's part of the schtick, that's how it started out," Jenner explained of their less-love, more-hate relationship. "Is this an E! intervention? Which one of us needs to be in a mental institution?"

Jenner went on to say that the duo's newfound common ground with each other—namely, grandson Mason Dash Disick—has worked wonders on their relationship...despite Scott's abhorrent, spirits-fuelled appearance on last week's penultimate episode of this season's Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"He's the father of my grandchild; a lot's happened since then, a lot of healing," she said, adding that last Sunday's show was particularly "hard to watch."

"There's nothing I can do to change my behavior. We've talked about it, there's no excuse and it won't happen again," Disick pledged.

"We've always butted heads," Jenner added. "When you date one of my kids, you date all of us."

Which, more or less, is was the crux of their problem.

"It was difficult for me hanging out with someone else's family all of the time, having every meal together," Disick said. "As much as we do butt heads, she is a dream mother. All I want is for us to come together, and we are now, thanks to the baby."

As for the seemingly endless source of tension (or at least ribbing) over how he stacks up compared to the Super Bowl-winning, NBA champ partners of her other daughters and her ill-received comment that "Kim has Reggie, Khloé has Lamar," Jenner said she isn't measuring Scott by the same standard (um, anymore) and simply wants Disick to find "something you're passionate about."

"I want someone who's dedicated to Kourtney and the baby, who has something to get up for every day—not just get up and go get a tan in the backyard."

OK, you knew she had to get one dig in, right?

"It's not just success monetarily. It's finding something you love to do," she went on, adding that her high expectations weren't only reserved for Disick. "I'm as hard on Rob as I am on Scott. I set the bar really high and expect a lot out of my kids."

As for how she's adjusting now that it appears as though Kourtney and Scott are in it for the long haul, she says that while those two crazy kids have "had their ups and downs," she could definitely "see Kourtney falling in love with him."

Wait, she hasn't already? OK, fine. Two digs.

But at the end of the day, Jenner said that she is happy for her daughter, "because she's happy. And one of these days he can actually stop wearing a bulletproof vest."

Third time's a charm.


Don't miss a minute of the fireworks! Catch the entire sit-down on E! News tonight at 7 p.m. ET/PT!

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