Briston Palin, Tripp Palin, Levi Johnston

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, Eugene Gologursky, AP Photo/ Al Grillo

No money, eh?

Bristol Palin's legal camp, which is looking into Levi Johnston's claim that his paltry income can't accommodate a jump in child support, has petitioned an Alaska court for permission to subpoena the financial records of Playgirl, Vanity Fair, CNN, Entertainment Tonight and various other media outlets that have prominently featured Sarah Palin's onetime future son-in-law.

Star, The National Enquirer and The Insider are also on the list.

Levi has maintained that he didn't get paid for all of his appearances, not including his award-winning Playgirl spread, which is supposed to net him an extra $25,000 this year.

Bristol, 19, is seeking $1,750 a month in child support. Levi has coughed up $4,400 so far, according to the Palins.


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