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It is the burning Bachelor question of the moment: Will Ali become the next Bachelorette? (We've heard the producers are talking about it.)

Well, we just spoke with Jake's AWOL cutie (seen pouting on his shoulder above), and while she says she is "flattered" that ABC would consider her for such a "wonderful opportunity," her answer is not what we were expecting...

"The idea of being put in another situation where I have to choose love over work is very frightening to me," Ali admits.

Huh. So it turns out not every girl dreams of someday growing up to choose career over love on a nationally televised dating show, regret her decision and then do it all over again? Weird!

Ali had to talk to us quickly today because she had to get back to work (true story!), but it was clear that this girl is not exactly clawing at the opportunity to be the next Trista. In fact, she kind of thinks she'd be bad at it.

"If I were to have the opportunity, it would be so exciting and wonderful," Ali says, "[but] if had to pick guys, I think it'd be very, very difficult for me because I've never met a guy and been attracted to him right away."

Before you think that's a jab at Jake Pavelka, the bachelor who just denied her when she asked to return to compete for his love, Ali tells us it's just her dating style. "Usually, I'll meet a friend and have a lot of interactions with them and become attracted to their mind, rather than how they come off on first impression." Which could actually be an issue should she sign on to be the Bachelorette, since the all-important "first impression rose" is a premiere episode staple.

"I'd have a really difficult time and I'd have to have some really deep conversations to go for anyone. I don't know how good I would be because I might just be drilling everyone," Ali jokes. "We'll see if they think I could do that."

That aside, what about her J.O.B.? What's to keep Ali from choosing her career (in advertising) over amore in a second round?

For starters, she says she's now aware that there is more to life than work. "In life I've consistently put my career first, and that's why I'm single. If I had to choose between work and love again, I might choose love. I need to start focusing on that more."

Ali explains that her departure on from The Bachelor was so sudden, she didn't really have a chance to think about what she was doing. If she were The Bachelorette, she'd plan things accordingly.

"The big difference between making the decision now and making the decision then is time. I didn't get the final decision until about two hours before the rose ceremony," Ali tells us. "If I had to make it again, I'd have a lot more time to think about it. If I was asked, I would challenge myself to put love first. I hope I make that choice."

And sorry to bubble-burst you naysayers out there, but one of Ali's top reasons for considering The Bachelorette is—wait for it—the authenticity of the show!

"It's so real!" Ali promises with conviction. "It hurts me when I hear people say the show is fake, that the feelings aren't real. None of that happens, it's not staged at all. They're real feelings, real emotions. I cannot cry like that—if I could cry that well, I should be an actress."

Following this pleasant conversation, we're pretty sure we're on Team Ali. Do you think she'd be a good Bachelorette?


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