Stop the presses, Bachelor fans, 'cause I think we may have been had!

According to just-ousted ring contender Gia, house pariah Vienna (one of two finalists) is actually a—hope you're sitting down for this—"really good person." And guess what? Bachelor host Chris Harrison—who is my sun, my moon, my everything when it comes to giving us the real story—tells me Vienna's gotten "a bad rap."

Say what?

So is it possible that The Bachelor producers edited Vienna in such a way that we would be shocked if she were to say—Spoiler Alert!—win the final rose as she is rumored to do? Here's the scoop:

Vienna, The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka

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Gia, who appears on today's episode of Ellen (where she also insists she does not have a boyfriend, thankyouverymuch) not only says Vienna is a "really good person" but contends, "I like her a lot."

And if anyone has reason to despise the girl—after living with her for weeks and getting dumped because of her—it's Gia, right? Even though she was the only one who seemed to get along with V, Gia can now truly speak her mind since the show is over.

So is Vienna not the three-headed she-devil we've been lead to believe? Has it all been in the editing?

Not so fast, says master rose-counter Harrison, who insists it was the competition that brought out the worst in Vienna, not the editing. "With Ali and Vienna, there was a lot of competitiveness," Chris explains. "They knew they were the top dogs. They really were the front-runners very early on. Not that Tenley and Gia aren't among that, and I think Tenley's benefited from this battle the most, but I think [Vienna and Ali] saw each other as the biggest threats. And as not just woman but people will do, you're catty, you're relentless against your competitors. And it didn't bring out the best in Vienna. So she got a bad rap."

Still, Vienna's friction with fellow females is apparently nothing new.

"During the hometown dates," Chris says, "when Jake was sitting there with Vienna's family and he said 'She's had a  tough time and the women have been after her,' her sister said, 'That's happened Vienna's whole life, she's had to deal with that.' That happens a lot. If you go back in the history of The Bachelor and you look at women who have been the mark in the house, it's funny that when they go on their hometown dates, the same thing happens. The family's like, 'Yep, she's always had to deal with that.' "

Chris Harrison


"Eventually," Chris says, "you have to look at yourself and think maybe you're doing something, maybe you are bringing that on yourself somehow. So hopefully Vienna's learned a little about herself, because she's not a horrible person, just like Ali's not."

And remember, Chris told us right here that the Bachelor winner will "shock" and "disappoint," but "I know for a fact Jake is happy."

Will you be disappointed if Vienna brings home the final rose or—gasp!—a ring? Or do you agree that she's really not that bad and all the haters should settle down?

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