Jessica Biel

A No. 1 movie does the body good, no?

Jessica Biel stepped out of her New York digs recently looking fabulous, and almost unrecognizable with that smile and perfectly groomed coif. The typically blah and barely awake (or smiling) J.B. appears put to bed—for now.

Instead, Jessie's been bringing her stylin' A-game recently, what with all the Valentine's Day promos, and we must say, she's been totally glowing.

Is it all thanks to her semi-career comeback, or is everything that good with on-off hunk o' boy Justin Timberlake?

Both, apparently.

The actress is back together with her J.T. (for a few minutes, at least), and we can't help but wonder if the tides of their relaysh have turned a bit. With her gaggle of celeb-BFFs and the fact Jess' flick went to theaters rather than straight to DVD, we wonder if she's putting the power back in this power couple.

Either way, the duo seems to be on. J & J spent actual Valentine's Day in NYC, where they celebrated by watching a performance of Swan Lake.

Still, can't help but notice the pair's reconciliation has come around the time right before Biel's sure-to-be-big movie opened and she was thrust into the spotlight again. Also interesting timing? We hear Justin has rushed his cute tush back into the studio.

As Biel starts to become a more powerful leading lady, will J.T. start to realize he wants to keep her as his leading lady? Only time—and more product, of course—will tell.

Where do you stand—you feelin' the new Biel?


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