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The bigger they are...the louder they complain. At least that's the case for director Kevin Smith, who got bounced from a Southwest Airlines flight for being, to use his term, "a fatty."

The often hilarious blogger subesquently took his revenge by taking to the Web, venting his supersized rage on his Twitter page. Clearly aware of his weight problem, Smith says he usually buys two tickets to fly Southwest, but in this case he switched to a different flight standby and could only get one ticket. Smith wonders why the airline even seated him, only to yank him from the flight, and went on to slag Southwest in expletive-strewn Tweets:

"'You get what you pay for. Cheaper airline = s--ttier service' I nominate that as the new, honest tagline of @SouthwestAir."

But the director of the upcoming flick CopOut also joked around with his Twitter followers, like one who asked, "When is the Million Pound March?" with Smith replying, "Organize it & I'm happy to lead it. Gather a plane-load of fatties w/single seats tix!"

(Originally published Feb. 14, 2010, at 4:17 p.m. PT)


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