Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy

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Love is in the air…literally. 

Jenny McCarthy let her true feelings fly this Valentine's Day by hiring a skywriter to surprise longtime boyfriend Jim Carrey with her declaration of love.

Unable to contain her excitement, McCarthy swooned over Twitter: "Just had sky writer come over our house and write J (heart) J in the sky. So fun. Anybody in LA go look at the sky!."

Carrey was equally quick to brag about his lovely lady, tweeting: "Yes, the J (heart) J that was just written in the sky over Brentwood, was for me. 'today's sky, was brought to you by Jenny Mccarthy!' ;^)"

Being the funnyguy that he is, Carrey just couldn't let the romantic gesture go by without inserting a joke or two...

"Jenny my Love, you've stolen my heart, my soul," he teased, "and of course anything you find in my pants. XXXXXXOOOOO ;^)"

Still, don't expect the wacky star to pop the question anytime soon. The comical couple, who are both divorcées, has repeatedly refuted marriage rumors, saying they're happy just the way they are.

"When you fail at something, even a couple times, I think the universe is telling you something," McCarthy told E! News around the holidays. "For now, we don't need it. We feel married. I'm his wife and I love it." 

—Additional reporting by Breanne L. Heldman

(Originally published Feb. 14, 2010, at 4:29 p.m. PT)


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