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For those of you still holding on to your last bit of hope that Freddie Prinze Jr. (Cole) will ride off into the sunset as Jack Bauer 2.0, we're here to set you straight.

"I wouldn't get your hopes up for a spinoff. Nobody has even mentioned a spinoff or hinted at that," 24's newest action star tells us. "As far as I know, that's not happening. If this answers the question more clearly, I'm preparing for pilot season."

So Kiefer's current medical woes aside, it seems Freddie and cylon onscreen ladylove Katee Sackhoff (Dana) aren't destined to be the next coming of Jack and Chloe. And in fact, it sounds like Freddie won't be around on 24 next season at all, right? Hmph. Does this mean Katee could be heading to Caprica? And what's this about her having a girl crush on Freddie's missus, Sarah Michelle Gellar? Here's what they tell us...

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB/Greg Gorman

The Freddie and Katee love is mutual—both for each other and for the girl we used to know as Buffy Summers. "I love Freddie Prinze!" Katee says. "If I could go back to my 15-year-old self, I would say, 'It's OK, when you're 29 you will be engaged to Freddie Prinze Jr. But don't touch him because Buffy will kill you.' I'm torn because I grew up idolizing her. I dreamed of being Buffy in high school; I wanted to be Sarah Michelle Geller. I'm in a really fantastic spot as far as my high school dreams go." Hey, we're right there with you.

And luckily for Katee, the feeling is mutual. "I love Katee to death," Freddie says. "She's like a guy, but really hot! She's much cooler than that. I love working with her. Whenever she's on set, we always have a good time. There's no pressure, and when we work, we do clean work and we have good chemistry. And when we don't, we can have a conversation that's not about this business."

Somewhere Katee's teenage self just melted into a big puddle of squee!

So since these two are certain a 24 spinoff is not in the works (Katee talked about it here), what's next? "If they knock me off [on 24]," Katee says. "I'll be OK. There's always Caprica! I could go to Caprica. Or I could continue to go back to the Big Bang Theory and play myself. I did tell Chuck Lorre that."

We'll take it.

Are you fans of the onscreen pairing of Katee and Freddie? Do you think the 24 spinoff would be a smart move to make? Are you still crossing your fingers for more SMG on your TV screens, too?


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