Danneel Harris Is Smarter Than You Think

Jensen Ackles' lady friend sits on my couch, splashes cold water on Twilight

By Ted Casablanca Feb 11, 2010 11:00 PMTags
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Reese Witherspoon shoulda been this crafty.

One Tree Hill's sexy vixen Danneel Harris couldn't have been more adamant when we tackily accused her of entering into a press-inducing fauxmance with hunky Supernatural dude Jensen Ackles. Babe said she was going to marry Jensen, whether we liked it or not.

I dare say she meant it.

Just to see how serious Danneel might or might not be about her love for Ackles, I invited her to come on Truth, Lies & Ted. You know, in honor of Valentine's, that fake lovers' holiday.

And guess what...

Babe said yes!

And I have to say, after interviewing the unaffectedly gorgeous Harris, I was pretty impressed. Can't say how Jensen speaks for himself (as he wasn't in the room), but the Louisiana-born Danneel pretty much took the equivalent of a celeb lie-detector test: She sat on my couch.

Danneel's adoration for Jensen is pretty apparent. Just watch the vid later and see. Plus, I've met many, many operators in this town; she never once struck me as a poser. And she's like Megan Fox sexy, but without the heavy makeup and all the effort.

And Ms. H. wasn't afraid to shoot her mouth off, either: She brilliantly Southern-trashed a certain overly plastic-surgeried celeb whose name shall not be mentioned on this site, and—brace yourselves—said she not only hasn't seen one Twilight movie, she totally doesn't get Robsten.

"I'm just not into the dark and sullen thing," she sassed.

Girlfriend's fearless, to be sure!

Good thing, too, as I don't think Supernatural fans are exactly thrilled she's taking their Jensen god off the market.

For that matter, neither am I!


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