This Just In: Ugly Betty's Bride Reveals Herself

Ana Ortiz has outed herself as the Ugly Betty character who will be getting married at season's end

By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 12, 2010 12:07 AMTags
Ugly Betty, Ana Ortiz, America FerreraABC/PATRICK HARBRON

Ugly Betty: Hooray for happy endings! Our favorite Ugly Betty gal, Ana Ortiz, has outed herself as the character who will be getting married at season's end. When Disney's D23 asked what's to come for Hilda, Ana said, "I think there's going to be a wedding...That's exciting. I can't wait to see what that entails. Hopefully since it's our last season, they'll really pull out the stops and give her a really nice wedding. We'll see!"

Plus, more TV news, including a Bones wedding and why Better Off Ted and Numb3rs are almost certainly canceled:

Bones: According to show runner Hart Hanson, there's also going to be a big season-ending wedding on Bones this year. He says, "One of the four women in our cast will be getting married." Who's your guess?

American Idol: Should Randy Jackson be worried that Fox is sending out surveys asking fans to judge the judge? Maybe it's just regular ol' market research, but given the multitude of recent judge upheavals on American Idol, maybe it's not so crazy to suspect that these surveys mean something's afoot...

House: Prison Break babe Sarah Wayne Callies is set to guest star on House as a patient whose diagnosis may have something to do with her open marriage.

Ashley in Fresno, Calif.: Kristin, is there any hope at all for a Better Off Ted renewal? I don't want to have to take it off my DVR's season pass list, but I can only have 50 shows on there at once, and if it's not coming back, it might have to go...
Sorry, Ashley, but in case we Better Off Ted fans weren't already 99.98 percent sure that the show was dunzo, star Andrea Anders, who plays Linda, has been cast in the new Matthew Perry pilot, Mr. Sunshine. (If Mr. Sunshine goes to series, this will be Andrea's second show opposite a Friends alum. Remember her part in Matt LeBlanc's Joey?) In related news, Numb3rs also appears to be almost certainly gone, as star David Krumholz has taken a part in a new Fox sitcom about IRS agents trying to find the honor in tax audits. 

Do you have any brilliant ideas that could save Ted? Were you hoping that Betty and Daniel were the season-ending Betty wedding? Hit the comments with your take!


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