Warning: Possibly Heartbreaking Spoiler Alert for Both Sawyer and Jack Fans!

On last night's Lost, we learned that Sawyer loved Juliet so much he was gonna put a ring on it.

So does this mean Sawyer and Kate are over?

I spoke with Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox about Kate's romantic future, and here's what they told me exclusively...

When asked whether Kate is now a better fit for Jack or Sawyer, Evangeline said: "I'm afraid I'm going to go down on record saying this, but Kate has ridden both those horses...Neither one seems to fit. It's been six years, and those boys haven't picked it up. So, unless they pick up their A-game, I think she's done."

In the video clip at top, you can see what Evangeline has to say about Jack and Sawyer: "I'll take the ride; you don't need to strap me to the stable!" Plus, her dirty secret that she "doesn't read the scripts." Oh, and the frightening man behind her with a Maggie Grace tattoo on his forearm? Maybe that's why Maggie isn't coming back?!

In last night's episode, Kate broke down crying after Sawyer revealed the depth of his feelings for Juliet, and told her he had planned to ask her to marry him. So it seems Kate and Sawyer aren't exactly barreling toward coupledom for the time being. But what about Kate and Jack?

Well, don't shoot the messenger, but Matthew Fox doesn't think that's happening either. (Sorry!) When I asked if he's pulling for Jack and Kate, Matthew told me:

"I don't know, man. I'm not sure that's going to work out. I think Jack is really focused on what his fate is now and what that might mean to him, and I think that he might be believing that no matter how he feels about her, that might not be what is destined."

Matthew told me this at Lost's premiere party, where he also talked about quitting TV for good. You can see that video interview right here if you missed it...

So here's what I'm thinking, Skaters and Jaters. Now everyone can finally get along! 'Cause it sure sounds like Kate will probably end up with neither Sawyer or Jack, which means the Jater-vs-Skater war no longer needs to rage. Can we start up Kayid versus Kichard? (Kidding.)

And before anyone gets too depressed about what will happen on Lost this season, just remember, the writers have pleasantly surprised us before. So who knows? Maybe we'll all love the ending.


Thoughts? Theories? Request for a group hug? Join me in the comments...

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