Jessica Simpson Probably Won't Be Billy Corgan's Valentine

Rocker plays coy with paps when quizzed last night about the buxom blonde and his Valentine's Day plans

By Cristina Gibson Feb 10, 2010 7:16 PMTags

Do we have John Mayer 2.0 on our hands?

We all know how John likes to joke about being gay and say ridiculous things to paps. Last night Billy Corgan, yet another musically-inclined Jessica Simpson love interest, took a page out of Mayer's playbook.

When asked about his Valentine's Day plans outside of La Vida restaurant in Los Angeles, Corgan said he's "switching teams" before clarifying he meant baseball teams.

Then when the paps asked about Jessica, he tried to be funny...

"Jessica Rabbit?" he deadpanned. "She's a cartoon character. I don't know if you knew that. They did such a good job on the movie that you swore she was real."

Hilarious. So when shutterbugs mentioned Jessica Simpson specifically, he brought the conversation back to playing ball.

"Cubs are gonna have a really good year!"

Here's an idea. Jokesters John and Billy can date each other and come up with a comedy-concert variety show while Jess goes on to be another guy's "sexual napalm." Sound good?


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