Lost Redux: Emilie De Ravin Dishes on "Feral Claire," and Insiders Reveal What's Next!

Get exclusive scoop on tonight's episode, what it all means, and what lies ahead for the rest of the final season

By Kristin Dos Santos Feb 10, 2010 4:37 AMTags
Emilie de Ravin, LostMario Perez/ABC

Hooray for zombies! Lost's bosses Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have long joked that zombies would come into play eventually, and now Hurley is guessing that's what's up with our poor undead friend Sayid, who is now "infected"...along with...Jack's "sister?!"

What the what?!

So are Sayid and Claire fully evil now? Was she dead, too? I just spent some time on the Lost set with Emilie de Ravin and her crazy new wig to get some answers, so get in here…


Claire Is Alive?! (And in serious need of a comb.) Such a great surprise return, right? But of course, we have questions. Is Claire good or evil now? How does she feel about Kate raising her son? I talked to Emilie de Ravin on the set of Lost about such pressing matters. (Take note: I hadn't seen any of the new season before the interview, so I pried the best I could!)

Here it is:

Sayid and Claire Are "Infected": Turns out Rousseau wasn't so nutty after all—there truly is an "infection" on the island and surprise, surprise, it just might be a driving force of the final season. As Sayid mentioned in last week's episode, he's tortured hundreds of people, and murdered some, too, and he can't be headed "anywhere good." So although it should come as no surprise that Sayid might not receive redemption before Lost bows out, it still blows, doesn't it?

Sawyer Liked It So Much He Was Gonna Put a Ring On It: Now more than ever I'm hoping that Elizabeth Mitchell was right, and when Juliet returns we'll see that she did meet up with Sawyer in the flash-sideways reality (time was split in two, you see) and they meet up for coffee and live happily ever after. It seems pretty clear that his feelings for her ran deep, and Kate is now well aware. Not exactly a recipe for romance any time soon.

Everything Is Happening As It Should—Even Ethan! Whether on the island or off, it's clear that destiny will come a-callin' and many of the important things we saw happen in season one of Lost will happen in the flash-sideways universe of Los Angeles. Claire's baby not going to the adoptive parents? Check. Kate connected to the birth of Claire's baby? Check. Ethan trying to get his grubby little evil hands on Claire's baby? Check. And BTW, did anyone else's jaw unhinge when William Mapother showed up?

Easter Eggs:

  • The stuffed orca that Claire was carrying for Aaron was the same stuffed animal Aaron had when he was living with Jack and Kate off the Island.
  • When Kate apologized for following Sawyer, he said, "Which time?" If you're a long-time fan of the show, you know that Kate has a marked tendency to tag along where she's not wanted. Kind of a fun, inside shoutout to her original persona.


The Island Is Being Divided: Insiders tell me that the Losties we have known and loved since the beginning of the series will be divided into two camps as the final season goes on: Good (presumably Jacob's followers) and Evil (presumably the Man in Black's followers). It would seem that those who are "infected" are on the side of MIB, but I can't help but wonder if Dogen (Hiroyuki Sanada) is not what he seems. We just don't know yet.

The List Is Coming Back: In a big way.

My Guess of the Week: Baby Aaron is still somehow huge to the mythology of this show—which would explain why that evil vulture Ethan is still circling. As I've said before, my sources told me that from the initial concept of Lost, Claire's baby was "tied to the history of the island." I'd bet good money that Claire and Jack are somehow biologically related to someone who is a key player in what the show/island are ultimately all about. Maybe Jacob? Again, just a guess!

Also: I'd bet a little money that the Man in Black has been duping Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) all along by pretending to be Jacob. This would explain why in the past, when Ben went to visit Jacob at his cabin in the woods, we saw Jack's father Christian Shepard (Damon Lindelof confirmed to me that those were his shoes) sitting in the chair of Jacob. And why Ben has always seemed to believe he's on the path of the righteous while acting out some seriously shady orders (i.e. kill Jacob). Obviously the MIB can shapeshift into the form of a dead body on the island, so he could easily mess with Ben as "Jacob" and/or "Alex". Which also makes me wonder…Is there any way MIB has now taken on the form of Jacob, who is now a dead body on the island, and is messing with Hurley? And if so, could the Temple, where he told Hurley to take Sayid, actually be the house of evil/MIB? And if that's true, perhaps Sayid and Claire are still on the side of good?

My brain hurts. Sorry, that was quite the tangent.

What did you think of tonight's Lost? Are you still hoping for redemption for Claire and Sayid? A happy ending for Sawyer and Kate? What's your latest theory? Sound off and it could end up as part of next week's Lost Redux...


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