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We have uncovered the real reason Ali went AWOL on The Bachelor last night: The show was trying to save a little cashola by docking pay from host Chris Harrison.

"It's in my contract that they have to pay me every time I say 'This is the final rose,'" Chris just told me over the phone. "No rose ceremony, no pay."

Of course, he's joking. (Sorry, all you consipracy lovers!) But Chris did give the scoop on why Ali left, whether she'll be back (hint: yes!) and if there's any hope for Jake and Ali...

First things first. The drama you saw last night with Ali leaving the show to keep her job was 100 percent real and unscripted, according to my favorite Hollywood straight-shooter and host with the most, Chris Harrison.

"People are so funny with all these ‘scripted' allegations," he tells me with a laugh. "They're saying, ‘You guys did this last season with Jake!' And it's like, ‘We didn't do it, his boss did.' Same thing with Ali. We didn't do it, her boss did! It's real life."

The good news for you Ali fans/Vienna haters is that Ali will be back—some way, somehow. "It's definitely not over between Jake and Ali," Harrison promises. "We haven't seen or heard the last from Ali. I think everyone saw that it was unresolved when she left. You could tell that they both definitely were falling in love with each other, if not already. And so we take off for St. Lucia, but they're definitely not done talking about this with each other."

Chris Harrison


Hmmm…So perhaps we shouldn't count Ali out just yet? "I know he has strong feelings for her," Chris says. "I know he does. I talked to Jake this morning, and he said it was tough to watch her leave again last night. I asked if he considered promising Ali that she was the one so she'd stay, and Jake said, ‘Well, she wasn't the one. She was one of the front runners.' He said she needed to decide on her own and he didn't want to be desperate and beg, but he really didn't want her to go."

According to Chris, the decision was tough on Ali, who works as an advertising account manager. "She loves her job and we tried to make it work, but in the end her boss said you've got to choose. Do you want to do the show or do you want your job?"

And while Chris understands Ali's decision—"You want to be the romantic and do what Nicholas Sparks would have you do, but you can't fault her for loving her career"—it will have repercussions in next week's island-adventure episode. "Obviously people have left before, but when you leave the final four, they've gone to a place of being really serious, so everything is exponentially exaggerated with how big of an impact it is."

So is Jake happy with his final choice? And is Vienna really that big of a b...er, witch? Stand by for Part Two of Bachelor Scoop with Chris Harrison, and prepare for what will be a pretty shocking ending to many fans...

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