One of the more talked-about commercials of the Super Bowl was the Motorola ad with Megan Fox naked in a bathtub.

No, it wasn't the stripped-down Fox that piqued people's interest (we've happily all seen that before). It was the fact that she used a hand double in the ad...

"Yeah, so?" sassed a member of Megan's team, when we asked if M.F. really was that worried about her hands.

Remember, she has a genetic condition, brachydactyly, which means she has clubbed thumbs. Hey, we all have flaws! I think most gals would put up with funny-looking fingernails in exchange for M.F.'s looks.

But Megan doesn't see it that way.

"Obviously she's self-conscious as much as the next person," adds Foxy's pal. "Just because she's comfortable playing that femme fatale in the media doesn't mean she's really like that."

Uh-huh, back to the whole "Megan's shy" thing. We remember.

Still, Megan's "very guarded" in many aspects of her life.

That's a big reason why Meg put down the big bucks (almost $3 million, to be exact) for her new Mediterranean home that comes with lots of security. The home is walled, gated and already set up with a state-of-the-art security system.

"The fame thing still makes her uncomfortable," dishes our insider.

The 5,200 square foot Hollywood home boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, master suite with walk-in closet, private terrace and a spa-like bathroom with Carrara marble, designer toilets and a free-standing soaking tub.

So could the extraspacious new digs be 'cause M.F. is ready to settle down with on-off boyfriend Brian Austin Green and maybe start a family herself? After all, we know how fond she is of Brian's kid, so Mommy Megan really doesn't seem that much of a stretch.

"Uh, no," fesses the friend. "Like you said, they're always on or off. I'm not even sure what they are at this point. They take it as it comes."

Additional reporting by Aly Weisman


Megan Fox has many wonder she's hard to read!

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