Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt;

The verdict is out on whether you all are for or against hot-bodied Jennifer Aniston possibly hooking up with Gerard Butler. But one thing's for sure...We believe these two are having more fun than Brad and Angie, damn straight!

Of course, we didn't miss Brangelina's superhappy appearance at the Super Bowl. We've never seen this usually don't-give-a-crap couple care so much about a split story. First, they are actually smiling for the paparazzi, and now they are suing NOTW.

It's just so not like the too-good-to-care duo. Doth shall not protest too much come to mind anyone?

So, both couples put on quite the shutterbug shows. Which duo do you think was having more fun?

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Which Super Bowl vacay couple is the real deal?


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