Michael Jackson

AP Photo/Aaron Lambert

The administrators of the King of Pop's estate have come into a princely sum.

A judge ruled Wednesday that John Branca and John McClain will split 10 percent of the profits reaped by Michael Jackson's estate—with two hefty caveats.

Their portion will not include 10 percent of the proceeds from the hit film This Is It or Jackson's interest in Sony/ATV's song catalog.

But Branca and McClain, whom Jackson named as administrators in his will, will be handsomely compensated for their work wheeling and dealing on behalf of the pop icon's estimated $500 million estate, just the same.

Jackson's family did not raise any objections, agreeing that it's more prudent to give Branca and McClain more greenlighting authority rather than be heading in and out of court over every potential deal.

The family's got other legal matters on the brain right now, anyway.

As former Jackson physician Conrad Murray prepares for the inevitability of involuntary manslaughter charges, the cardiologist's legal team was planning to meet up in L.A. Wednesday to discuss defense strategy.

Edward Chernoff, one of the lawyers hired by Murray shortly after Jackson's death from a propofol overdose back on June 25, told reporters that Murray is lying low at a friend's house in Santa Monica.

Various outlets are now reporting that charges may be coming as early as Friday.


The all-star reissue of "We Are the World," which Michael cowrote and produced back in 1985, sounds like a boon for his estate. See who showed up for the taping this week.

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