Emma Watson, Mary- Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen

Courtesy Cantata/People Tree; Olsenboye/JCPenny; Theo Wargo/Getty Images

It's a pretty exciting week for child actors turned fashion designers—both Harry Potter's Emma Watson and the Olsen twins have debuted new clothing lines.

Emma did a special collection for fair-trade British company People Tree. The 19-year-old's knitwear collection features basic dresses, tops and sweaters, 80 percent of which are made from fair trade-certified cotton. Emma even modeled her designs for the catalog.

Over in Olsen crazy-fun town, the 23-year-old sisters couldn't be bothered to model their new Olsenboye line (that's an "O" with a peace sign, BTW) for JCPenney, but they did pimp it on Good Morning America today.

Lately, Mary-Kate and Ashley have been spending their time designing $1,000 blazers for the Row or slightly more affordable $500 blazers for Elizabeth and James. Isn't it great an Olsen blazer will now only run you $24.99? It's not exactly fair-trade cotton, but that's just one of those trade-offs for accessible Olsen fashion.

Question time! Which of these young ladies' lines are you most interested in?


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