Lost, Michael Emerson, Terry O'Quinn


To answer the headline literally, does anybody really get Lost? (Well, we try.)

But if the question is, did you get sucked back into the mind-bending, time-warped series for the beginning of its end—or, in alternate universe-style, the end of its beginning—then the answer is yes.

Um, wait, what was the question again?

At least the numbers are easy to read.

Estimates show last night's sixth—and final—two-hour season premiere averaged 12.1 million who wanted to know what happened after the hydrogen bomb went off, only to find out that, duh, a lot happened.

Lost was not the biggest show of the night—a little thing called American Idol was on, as was another little thing called NCIS. But Lost was up about 1 million viewers from its fifth-season opener, and especially powerful among young adults who think they're all strong and buff and can keep up.

Lotsa luck. Sixteen episodes to go.


What exactly happened last night? Check out our Lost Redux for all the baseless speculation answers and be sure to peruse our Lost: The Final Season gallery for more clues.

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