John Edwards has admitted to fathering Rielle Hunter's child. Elizabeth has left him. The actual affair revelation was so very long ago.

And it's not like he's a big-deal golfer or anything like that.

But apparently there's even more to loathe know about the onetime presidential candidate, according to his former aide turned tell-all author, Andrew Young, who showed up on 20/20 tonight to peddle his tome, The Politician.

Like that there's a Hunter-Edwards sex tape. That they slept in the bed he shared with his cancer-stricken wife. That the ex-senator wanted his mistress to get an abortion. And that "their song" was the Dave Matthews Band's "Steady As We Go."

What was once just disappointing and sad is now turning Tiger-Woods-text-message disgusting.

ABC News, however, would have you follow the story as if it were as important as the health-care debate, or Elin Nordegren's whereabouts.

The question is, will you?

The Continuing Saga of John Edwards Poll
Did you tune into 20/20 Friday to watch Andrew Young spill his guts?


Maybe someone on Edwards' team should have perused our Homewreckers: Where Are They Now? gallery as a deterrent.

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