Dollhouse Series Finale Redux: All's Well That Ends Well...

Get our recap of the last episode of Joss Whedon's epic dissertation on free will, human identity and superhot love-slave hoochies

By Jennifer Godwin Jan 30, 2010 3:39 AMTags
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The series finale of Dollhouse, entitled "Epitaph Two: Return," turned out to be plenty rewarding for faithful viewers. Tightly focused on the core characters, plus extended-family fan faves like Alpha, Kilo, Bennett and the Epitaph family from last season, the final defeat of Rossum's evil "tech" was satisfying from start to finish.

If you haven't seen it yet, hit that TiVo already! If you have seen it, and you're ready to discuss what went down, get in here!

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Sierra & Victor: Above all else we must give Team Whedon a thunderous round of applause for discovering the previously unrecognized talent of Enver Gjokaj and Dichen Lachman and writing their characters such a marvelous and satisfying love story. The penultimate family scene where Priya introduced T to Tony ("Hey, that's my name, too." Sob!) and then father and son burned s--t together? Nothing less than wonderful. We can't wait to see what Enver and Dichen go off and do next, but we'll always regret that we'll never see them together again as Sierra and Victor. P.S. Techhead/Mad Max Victor? Swoon!

Alpha: Lookit that! The show reimagined Alpha as an utterly avuncular "psycho...lapsed" who was as devoted to the cause of good as anyone. Alan Tudyk has absurd range as an actor; it was great to see him able to use it so expansively.

Bennett, Topher & Adele: No one ever told us why Adele DeWitt (Olivia Williams) was always so uncharacteristically devoted to Topher Brink (Fran Kranz), but perhaps the lesson at the end is that love—and a mother's love in particular—needs no explanation, it just is. Whatever the origins of their relationship, by the end of the story, Adele had abandoned her masculinized corporate cloak and taken up a mantle of maternity instead. She was mother to Topher, Echo and the rest, grandmother to T, and matriarch, indeed, of the whole darn clan. Again, as with Alpha, it was delightful to see the talented Olivia Williams get to play against the original type of her character. As for her great protégé, Topher, we'd seen Crazy!Topher last season, during the first "Epitaph" episode, but the character had more gravitas this time around, thanks to his Bennett-broken heart, and what a nice touch to have Summer Glau back one more time to see the series off.

Ballard & Echo: Those bastards! They killed Ballard! We should have expected nothing less from the Mutant Enemies than such a straightforward battlefield death as Ballard's. His demise was utterly honest, yet heroic, and a good fit for this finale, not least because it offered Eliza Dushku emotional fodder to use in one last high-drama scene as Echo/Caroline. Not sure if we're on board with the weird mind meld at the end—it seemed like it might not be kosher in light of everything else we know about the "tech," but hell, we'll take any longing last look at Tahmoh Penikett that we can get.

Oh, and last but not least, we must mention: the little gray skunk streak/Rogue streak in Caroline's hair? Adorable!

What did you think of the series finale of Dollhouse? Did you wish they'd found a way to bring back Harry Lennix, too, or were you too busy being happy about everything else? Hit the comments with your reaction to "Epitaph Two"!


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