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Heading to a spa and detoxing in rehab are not the same thing.

Despite numerous reports otherwise, Brooke Mueller is simply following doctors' orders, her attorney, Yale Galanter, tells E! News.

"She's in North Carolina with her mother for some rest and relaxation, and she is still being treated for her infection and pneumonia," he says. "The story about her being in rehab is a crock of crap."

Mueller's mother, Moira Fiore, stands by the "rest and relaxation" story as well, but seems to understand why some might assume her daughter is getting help for other issues.

"I'm with Brooke right now," she tells E! News. "It's true that we are at a resort that specializes in many things for a 'wellness' facility…People come here for a variety of reasons. Brooke's reason is mainly to get away and be pampered, and, at the same time, she can work on her physical and emotional health."

Fiore, who chartered a private plane to take her daughter from L.A. to North Carolina (doctors didn't want her traveling commercial), intends to keep Mueller busy throughout their stay.

"I'm going to help her work on her tennis game," she says. "She used to be very good at it."

As for when she'll be heading home—or back to Aspen—neither Fiore or Galanter knows for sure.

"She has no idea yet on how long she plans on staying," her mother says. "A week or two, maybe."

"She could check herself out at anytime but she's not doing any of that until the infection is totally cleared and the fluid is out of her lungs," Galanter explains.

Speculation about Mueller's whereabouts intensifed earlier today when Entertainment Tonight reported she was in treatment at the upscale North Carolina-based Two Dreams Outer Banks, which is billed on its website as "a comprehensive wellness program to equip our clients to enter and sustain recovery from the disease of addiction."

A rep for Two Dreams declined to comment on whether she was a guest, only telling E! News that the facility had "no famous patients" registered.

Mueller is supposed to appear in court on Feb. 8 regarding her Christmas Day bust-up with her husband. The Aspen Police Department and Pitkin County Sheriff's Office have no information from the courts regarding any sort of change in court proceedings at this time.

A rep for Sheen declined to comment on Brooke's current situation.

—Additional reporting by Maureen Heaton and Ashley Fultz


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