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While Brangelina and their reign as the "perfect couple" seems to be coming to an end, another twosome we've also been known to give a hard time to appear happier than ever...

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were pictured walking together and, get this, smiling for the first time, like, ever. Man, what the hell's up with that?

So is Bennifer 2.0 picking up where Brad and Angelina seem to be leaving off?

Er, not exactly.

Look, contrary to common belief, we don't root for Hollywood couples to split, especially when kids are involved. But...our sources aren't backing down when they say that Ben and Jen aren't exactly the perfect couple. Don't know anyone who is, though! Either way, they seem to be "working on it," poop peeps close to the sometimes dour-looking duo.

Perhaps absence really does make the heart grow fonder?

Affleck was running around Sundance this weekend, but left the douche partying and flirting to the likes of Jon Gosselin. Quite the turnaround from a guy who once liked to drown his problems in beer.

Instead, Ben couldn't stop bragging about his family he had waiting for him back home.


However, we must inform:

Ben was still getting his party on (nothing exactly like his old ways, mind you), a bit more privately, at the posh celeb hang. Which leaves us even more curious to know which celeb couple you all think has a better chance of making it: Brangelina or Bennifer?

Call it a poker game of the heart, if you will. What are the odds, everybody?


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