Pete Doherty


There's a reason people tend to roll their eyes when they hear the name Pete Doherty.

Case in point: Kate Moss's ex was caught last month with more than $300 worth of heroin in his pocket as he entered a courthouse for a hearing in a drunk-driving case. He was nabbed when a security guard saw it fall out of his pocket. D'oh!

"Either this was sheer stupidity or a ploy to get more publicity," Judge Joti Boparai said today, per Reuters, as Doherty was sentenced at Gloucester Magistrates' Court.

The Babyshambles frontman was ordered to pay a fine nearing $1,200 U.S. plus another $137 or so in court costs. Boparai ruled that since Doherty is paying for private drug treatment already, it wouldn't be worth using taxpayer dollars to put him on a rehabilitation order.

Doherty's lawyer insisted that his client didn't know the drugs were in his pocket—"he has a great many items of clothing," he argued—and said the singer felt "very stupid" at the time of the courthouse incident.

Hey, he said it, not us.


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