You'd think being on TV's hottest new show and winning Golden Globe and SAG awards would be enough to secure a Valentine's Day date. But sadly, no...

Glee's Cory Monteith tells E! News he will be spending next month's big celebration of love alone. But he's not that torn up about it—after all, Valentine's Day, you know, is the worst...

"It's such a painful holiday, you know what I mean? Because think about all of the people who are single for Valentine's Day. That sucks, right?"

Totally sucks. We really wish someone would make a movie starring every A-list actor in Hollywood to explore this complicated, emotional holiday. But while we await that, here's Cory's take on it:

"When it's Valentine's Day, I always think about all the people who got dumped on Valentine's Day or broke up with their partners on Valentine's Day. I'm like, 'That's so horrible for them.' I just kind of pretend like it's not happening."

But you know what is happening? The Glee tour that the cast has been tweeting about is so on, says Cory! Plus, watch to see what he has to say about that highly anticipated Madonna episode and his own awkward Canadian-ness. Awww, awkward Canadians are so cute. It's a shame he has to spend V-Day alone.

—Reporting by Whitney English


Check out Cory's hot costars on the red carpet in our Fashion Spotlight Glee Gals gallery. Hey, wait a minute, why doesn't he take one of them out for V-Day?

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