Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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Sometimes it's the things you can't actually see that explain it all.

Rumors have been hotter than ever that the oh-so-adored entity known as Brangelina is no more. However, myriad sources from Camp Brangie say everything's peachy, too fab! But, we have not-exactly-great news on the gorgeous twosome ourselves, sorry.

"Something's up…definitely," ‘fesses our insider. Want to hear more? Well, cover your nostrils and proceed…

"Brad is looking horrible. Just horrible. He smells more than ever," swears a worried friend.

Mon dieu! Why's that?

"I'm not sure, exactly, but they are spending more and more time apart," Deep Brange tells us about why friends of the power couple are starting to get quite concerned.

Brad, for instance, was recently without Angelina up in San Francisco, where our Brangie pal insists Mr. P looked, acted and smelled like "a wandering homeless person."  

Plus, it doesn't look like the issue of separate locales is going to be reconciled anytime soon, with Angie heading over to Italy to shoot The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

Whatever is going on between Angie and Brad is taking a toll on Mr. Pitt, that's for sure. Anybody with any olfactory sense nearby knows that.

And if you don't believe us regarding Brad's increasing disheveled appearances (and moods?), darling, we're gathering photographic evidence; stay tuned for that tragic baby! But come on, ever since going with Jolie, the once impeccably handsome hunk has gone rapidly downhill.

Jeez, wonder whatever could be taking a toll on Brad. Surely it can't have anything to do with A.J. being a Blind Vice Superstar? Sure, probably has something to do with it, but don't think Pitt's perfect, because remember, he's one, too!

Still think we all are stirring the breakup pot? Yeah right. Just wait, you all… Brad and Angelina's fairy-tale ending just ain't gonna happen.

P.S. Brad, this isn't all about one-upping R.Pattz, we certainly hope.

There's a lot more at stake than good gossip if Brange splits...check out our Brad & Angelina Family Album.

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