Spoiler Chat: Do Chuck and Jenny Hook Up on Gossip Girl?

Is it true that a fling with Little J leads to the breakup with Blair? Plus, tons more dish on True Blood, The Office and all your other faves

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Gossip Girl, Ed Westwick, Leighton MeesterGiovanni Rufino / The CW

Kristin is in Hawaii this week stalking the cast of Lost, so if you have Q's for the cast and producers, email tvdiva@eonline.com, and she'll try to get you all the scoop she can get her hands on!


As you probably know by now, Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair are going to be going through a rough patch caused by Chuck.

So what does Chuck do to Blair that leads to the crisis? Is it true that a fling with Jenny Humphrey is involved? Get the exclusive scoop on that, plus tons more dish on True Blood, The Office, Supernatural and all your other TV faves:

Jessica in Rio de Janeiro: I just heard the terrible news about Michael C. Hall's cancer, and I'm devastated. What's the latest news on his illness?

Michael C. Hall, who took home acting trophies at both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards over the past couple of weeks, says of his current condition, "I've been feeling very well, and because I made this announcement because these public appearances were on the horizon, I have actually been surprised—I have had a lot of people reach out to me that I wouldn't have heard from otherwise. My high school teachers, friends from college...So I actually spent a lot of this week responding to a lot of really concerned but ultimately congratulatory emails and things like that."

Jamie in Pennsylvania: Can we please get some Lost scoop around here?
All right, tubers, don't be upset, but we have some huge spoilers for you courtesy of an ongoing Twitter convo between Lost mastermind Damon Lindelof and Star Trek star Simon Pegg. Random, we know, but take a look:

Simon Pegg: Damon I heard that the smoke monster is the ghost of Locke's father's brother who is Jack and Hurley's son's mom. Y/N?
Damon Lindelof: WHO TOLD YOU THIS!?!? Someone is getting SO fired.
Simon Pegg: I got Abrams drunk.
Damon Lindelof: Lie. It is impossible to get an android drunk.
Simon Pegg: Touche. Seriously though, the island is the product of a cheese dream experienced after Jack Shepherd ate a whole Edam. Yes?
Damon Lindelof: Incorrect. The actual cheese which birthed the dream that created the island? Camembert.
Simon Pegg: Aarrrrrrggghhhhhhhh! Curses! I knew it was cheese though.

Sorry to ruin one of the most sacred Lost secrets of the entire series, but it's out there now. There's no going back.

Penny in Barstow, Calif.: More info on Glee's Madonna episode, please.
Aside from the kickass fact (revealed by our own Marc Malkin!) that Sue Sylvester will be singing and shakin' her groove thing to Madonna's "Vogue," Jane Lynch tells us you will not want to miss everything else the New Directions have in store. "We're up to about 10 songs already, and almost every day is a musical number." Seriously, there are 10 Madonna songs in a single episode! As for Idina Menzel's gig, Jane hasn't worked with her yet, but says: "I can't wait to meet her, I'm a huge fan." BTW, did you guys all see @ChrisColfer's tweet this morning? He wrote, "We're doing a BIG number today at Glee. I mean HUGE! You may need to check yourself into Gleehab after you see it." Any guesses on what song they're doing? Hit the comments!

Maureen in Tacoma, Wash.: Any truth to the rumors that werewolves might be heading to The Vampire Diaries?
Well, werewolves are the new trend, you know, but The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley tells us this: "I know that in the books that happens, but it hasn't been confirmed—it's been insinuated." But if Paul has his say—which we're guessing he will—he's totally on board. "It'd be fantastic. And I played a wolf on a series called Wolf Lake, which was a very short-lived show on CBS, so I love the idea of it because I've done it."

Giovanni Rufino / The CW

Patricia in Boston: At first I was just sad about the Chuck-Blair breakup news, but now I am freaking the hell out. Is it true that the horrible thing Chuck does is sleep with Jenny Humphrey? I'll never watch Gossip Girl again if that's what happens!
Well, don't delete that Gossip Girl season pass from your TiVo just yet, because sources assure us that this particular rumor is totally false. So while we can't tell you yet what bad thing Chuck does do, we can assure that you, no, Chuck does not sleep with Jenny. Whew.

Lauren in New York City: I'm so sad about Chuck and Blair breaking up on Gossip Girl! Anything new on that?
Ed Westwick
himself says of Gossip Girl's upcoming storylines, "It all gets set on its side. Everything goes upside down. Things are going to get even more dramatic than they always are." And Gossip boss Josh Schwartz tweeted, "Trust. #ChuckandBlair." Believe the man. Josh is the one who made Chuck and Blair so awesome in the first place, and he wouldn't be breaking them up unless it was part of a greater plan, right?

Chloe in Grand Island, Neb.: I approve of the casting of Billy Baldwin (although John Slattery would have been ideal) as Serena's dad on Gossip Girl, but I now have to know before I get too excited. Is Daddy van der Woodsen completely evil, or does he have any redeeming qualities?
We're told we'll see that William van der Woodsen does want to get back into Serena and Eric's life on Gossip Girl. That doesn't mean he's a pure good guy—his motives for seeing them could be totally dark side—but at least he's no longer totally dissing his own children.

HBO/John P. Johnson

Kelly in New Madrid, Mo.: I can't wait for more True Blood! What can we expect from season three this summer?
Oh, where to begin? Let's start with the gorgeous Ryan Kwanten, who has some major storylines this season. First, Ryan says, "Jason finally falls in what he thinks is love. It's a pretty rare, unknown concept for him." Awww...Plus, Ryan tells us of Jason's future, "The fact that my character is dealing with the fact that he really has killed someone now is pretty crazy, and there's a whole host of new characters. There's the addition of werewolves coming in. We're using real wolves. It's crazy. I've yet to work with them. I'll work with them later on in the season, but I'm looking forward to it."

Alicia in La Cañada Flintridge, Calif.: I need True Blood scoop!
True Blood
's Rutina Wesley tells us of Tara in season three, "She's going to have to grieve a lot to get over [Eggs]. And then it's going to be crazy madness." As for Tara's ex-lovah Sam, Nelsan Ellis teases, "Sam moves away from Sookie and Bon Temps, and he clings to the family that he's now starting to get to know. He finds his mother, father and brother." Come back home, Sam!

Azul in Orlando: Gimme some Eric Northman scoop! I miss my favorite Scandanavian True Blood vampire.
Did you see Nelsan's dish that he's going to be "Eric's henchman" this year? Nelsan also reassures us that we'll be getting a lot of Eric and Pam tag-team action this year as well: "Eric will definitely be in every episode, and Pam is definitely in the first four."

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Natalie in Toronto: I'm so excited to see Kathy Bates on The Office. Can you tell us anything else about her role at Dunder Mifflin?
"There are going to be some new shakeups with people's jobs, and you're going to see some people come into the office that maybe weren't in the office before," Jenna Fischer (Pam) tells us when asked about the big corporate buyout. "Our jobs are going to switch a little bit, and when you meet [Kathy's] character, she's just going to blow people away." But Mindy Kaling says everything will end up A-OK. "Every year or so there's some scary thing that happens, and then it's fine."

Diandra in Napa Valley, Calif.: Any fun stuff to look forward to on The Office?
Um, how about a baby, Bates and BFFs? The Office crew just wrapped the first of Oscar winner Kathy Bates' episodes, and Mindy couldn't stop raving about her: "She's just amazing, that woman can swear! I like a woman who can curse, and she curses a ton." But count her out of a potential Kathy-Kelly friendship. Says Mindy: "We have one scene together, and I think her character has very little patience for mine." Of course, we also asked Mindy about Pam and Jim's baby, but the writer-producer-actor claimed she's still in the dark about whether it's a boy or a girl.

Melissa in Los Angeles: Why is no one addressing the real issue with The Office buyout: Will studly CFO David Wallace be back?
Our apologies for skipping such a serious issue. We actually just spoke with Andy Buckley, who he tells us: "Wallace's future is up in the air, so let's start the Save Wallace campaign. I sense I'll show up again, but I don't know." As for the big buyout, Andy advises fans not to miss the Feb. 4 episode when "very interesting things happen at corporate."

Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Marissa in Tbilisi, Georgia: Any news on Supernatural? What's going on with that show?
Oh, nothing much. Hey, does anybody remember that song "Even Angels Fall" from the 10 Things I Hate About You movie soundtrack? Well, you might want to queue it up, because you're going to need it as the soundtrack for tear-stained Supernatural lamentation fanvids after the episode two weeks hence. We can't spoil what happens outright, but the first person to guess it right in the comments gets a cookie and a hug. In other, better SPN news, Sam and Dean's long-lost half-brother from the season-four episode "Jump the Shark," the awesome but dead Adam Milligan (Jake Abel), comes back to play a pivotal role in an upcoming episode.

Hope in Worcester, Mass.: Please give me some One Tree Hill scoop!
We see Sarah, Clay's (Robert Buckley) dead wife again—but she won't be Sarah. (Dun dun dunnnnn...)

Tamra in Washington, D.C.: Any development in the Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle on Vampire Diaries?
Seriously, will those angsty three ever be happy? Not any time soon, and as Ian Somerhalder puts it, Elena may start leaning toward a different Salvatore brother. "Damon's very truthful when he speaks. Even when he's a deviant bastard, he's still telling the truth," he explains. "Elena feels that she's been lied to by Stefan. [But] in Stefan's defense, he essentially had to lie to her to protect her."

ABC/Bob D'Amico

Bree in Michigan: I think Modern Family should have beat Glee at the Golden Globes! Anything coming up on the funniest show around?
No comment on the Globes talk, but quite a few car troubles ahead on Modern Family! Rico Rodriguez, who plays young prodigy Manny, told us this of his TV family at the Screen Actors Guild Awards: "Mitchell, Gloria and Manny have some fun at a cupcake shop, [then] a car crash happens!" Will Sara Hyland's Haley be involved? We're thinking maybe, after she teased this: "The big question will be: Does Haley pass her driving test or does she fail her driving test? You won't find out for awhile, but it's going to be funny!"

Matt in Pennsylvania: More Modern Family, please.
Benjamin Bratt
returns as Manny's wayward—and way sexy!—dad in the Feb. 10 episode. Wonder if Jay is still upset about being stood up?

Pinkie in Washington, D.C.: What's up with Community?
Move over Jeff and Troy, because Annie's getting a new boy-toy. Alison Brie tells us her upcoming love story on Community "was unexpected," and it might just be someone we've seen before. (Oh, please don't let it be Starburns!)

Sue in Denver: Since Russell gave away all his secrets last season, won't he be the first one voted out in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains? P.S.: Go, Boston Rob!
Actually, Survivor: Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains were filmed back-to-back in the same location, so Russell's tricks will be brand-new to the returning Castaways. Even though he's not the first one voted out (we'll share our source on this scoop Feb. 11, the day of the premiere), you can count on his new tribemates to be a little savvier than his pawns in Samoa. As your buddy Boston Rob told us at the Survivor 20th Reunion celebration, "Nobody hoodwinks me. Come on, smarten up—you should know that by now."

Lacey Terrell/ HBO

Eileen in Paducah, Ky.: Big Love is fabulous so far this year. What can we expect over the remaining six episodes?
According to Bill Paxton, "Well, I'm going to run for a state senate seat, and I'm going to run into some big problems doing that. That's the big conflict [if that could result in the wives being exposed]. The gals are kind of starting to grow away from the thing. There's a lot going on. We've opened up the casino. There's murder. There is all kinds of good stuff, it's something else this season." Hold the phone...did you just say murder, Bill Paxton? Is that the murder of ol' Roman Grant, or is there a new and different homicide that we don't know about yet? Hmmm...

Chuck in Tucson, Ariz: How much are we going to see of newlyweds Scott and Sarah in Big Love this season?
Scott himself, Aaron Paul, has confirmed, "I definitely do come back quite a bit. The arc this season is wonderful with Scott and Sarah." Unfortunately, Paul won't appear in the finale—Amanda Seyfried's last episode—because producers couldn't work out the scheduling with his other show, Breaking Bad, for which he received an Emmy nod. Fun fact: "I definitely can relate to the character Scott," Paul revealed, "My father, who experimented with different religions growing up, ended up getting excommunicated from LDS because they found out he was a youth minister at a Nazarene church, [but] it wasn't as serious as what happened with Barb on the show."

Prashant Gupta / FX

Trevor in Wrightwood, Calif.: I need a Sons of Anarchy fix.
Don't we all? Unfortunately, Kurt Sutter just headed back into the writers' room and would only tell us this of season three: "I have a baby to find, and that's all I know." As for Gemma's future as an outlaw, Katey Sagal doesn't seem too worried. "I don't think it will alter the family bond, but there are so many things that have to be addressed," she explains. "Gemma obviously doesn't know what's happened to her grandson, and she'll probably go insane when she finds out. I wouldn't put anything past her. I'm sure she'll take care of business."

Nate in Hudson, N.Y.: What can you tell us about the new season of Damages?
premieres tonight with a literal crash, and the pace doesn't slow down. Although the third season follows its trademark time-jumping format, you won't have to wait until the finale for the solution to one mystery: the identity of the murder victim—one of the show's major stars!—is revealed in the second episode next week. Check back here Friday for more deets on the shocking death straight from the dead guy in question!

The CW

Phil in Nevada: What's happening when Melrose Place returns?
Colin Egglesfield
and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz only have one episode left, then Nick Zano joins the cast to stir things up. At the GBK Golden Globes gift lounge, Michael Rady told us he's looking forward to the newbie. "We're pals, and then..." he teased about Jonah and Nick's character before stopping himself. "I don't want to get in trouble, but the murder mystery is out, and that gets filled in with original Melrose, L.A. fun." That said, insiders tell me that unlike 90210, which is trending toward the new kids, Melrose will be splitting its attention between the youngsters and the old guard likes of Amanda, Michael Mancini and dead Sydney.

Deepak in Sacramento: I have had a crush on Nick Zano ever since he was first on What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes. What can you tell us about his upcoming appearances on Melrose Place?
Zano plays a hot funny doctor on Melrose Place who develops a relationship with Riley (Jessica Lucas). Oh, and I hear that he has a connection to Michael Mancini himself—and no, it's not that he's not another one of Michael's many sons.

Erica in Pacoima: Kristin, I saw your baby's photos on Celebrity Baby Blog. Luca is so adorable! Any word yet on if Josh Holloway is sticking to the arranged marriage?
Kristin sends her thanks, plus she's in Hawaii this week, so she's hoping to seal the deal. Of course, if Matthew Fox has a baby girl any time soon, Luca is totally open to that, too.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English, Jennifer Godwin, Brett Malec, Megan Masters, Taryn Ryder & Dahvi Shira