Jon Gosselin Ready to Be Full-Time Freeloader at Sundance?

Rumor has it Jon is moving out of his NYC bachelor pad; he and new squeeze raid the gifting lounges

By Ted Casablanca, Taryn Ryder Jan 24, 2010 6:00 PMTags
Jon Gosselin, Morgan ChristieMark Wilkins / MeetTheFamous

Jon Gosselin and new girlfriend Morgan Christie have been parading around the Sundance Film Festival, raiding the gift lounges and not exactly being shy about their blossoming new relaysh.

Jon has already met Morgan's parents—in fact, he's been crashing with them at their Park City pad while hitting the hospitality suites. And clearly something must be going well, because we hear Gosselin is ready to trade in his bachelor pad in New York City for a place in the Sun(dance)…

The one-time star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 was overheard at the Premium Lifestyle Group's gifting suite at the Sky Lodge yesterday telling vendors: "Park City is my home now."

Apparently Jon was telling one of the guys working there that he was leaving his NYC home to make the move out to Utah.

And don't think the chatterbox stopped there. Jon was overheard again at the Lia Sophia Gift Lounge at The Lift saying he had already purchased a home in Park City to live in "for a while."

Could it be because his GF of the moment is from here?

As for their very serious very fast relationship, a source close to the couple tells us: "They are just enjoying life and enjoying each other."

It seems that if Jon is indeed changing locales, he hasn't started moving stuff in just yet.

"He's been staying at Morgan's parents house in Park City," a source tells us.  "Her father is big in finance."

Gosselin, 32, and Christie, 25, have been doing a lot of snowboarding while in the mountain town, in addition to hitting many of the gifting suites set up for celebrities to promote their films. What else is there for a former reality star to do?

"He picked out Rebecca jewelry for Morgan at the Talent Resources Suite at the Sky Lodge and got an AMC movie pass for a year," our insider dishes. "He also got the Blueprint Cleanse and was hanging out with Wilmer Valderrama."

But Gosselin's trip to Sundance is different than when he has visited in the past.

"Last time he was here was two years ago with his family and no one knew who he was," a Sundance expert spills.  "He was talking about how different this year is."

Reps for Jon have yet to return our request for comment on the move sitch, 'tho insiders tell us "it's happening."

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