Although the big Palin news today is all about Bristol filing for child support from Levi Johnston, the main focus of their mother-daughter interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show was Bristol's sex life.

Or lack thereof, rather...

The daytime talk-show queen says she "bristled" when she read a recent In Touch cover story (one that reportedly earned Bristol $100,000) in which the 19-year-old mom declares, "I'm not going to have sex until I'm married. I can guarantee it."

Oprah just wants to know why Bristol would want to set herself up like this. And more than that, what's the point in getting everyone involved in her sex life when it's way easier and much less intrusive to just keep to yourself even if that does mean forfeiting a six-figure tabloid cover.

All Bristol can say is, "I just think it's a goal to have, and I think other young women should have that goal."

And since the teen mom isn't one for words, Oprah and Sarah go on to talk about Bristol's sex life and whether it's a realistic goal like she isn't even there. Before signing off, Bristol once again states she will most definitely remain abstinent until marriage—and then her mom steps in for joke time: "Does that mean you're going to marry pretty young?" LOL (except not really).

But this is how the Palins do it, they know how to keep everyone talking...

And despite their best efforts to make it all about Bristol's sex life, it seems the question on everyone with a Twitter's mind is: "What's up with Sarah Palin's hair?" Even Oprah couldn't believe it.


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