Who Has the Hotter Werewolves, True Blood or Twilight?

Nelsan Ellis tells us all about the hairy but good-looking "GQ bastards" who join HBO's hit vampire drama this season
By Team WWK Jan 22, 2010 4:30 PMTags
Taylor Lautner, Nelsan EllisBrian Zak/Sipa Press via AP Images; Lester Cohen / Getty Images

It might be time for another Vampire Wars throwdown. Werewolves are coming to HBO's True Blood this season, and according to Nelsan Ellis, who plays fan favorite Lafayette, Blood's werewolves compare quite favorably to Twilight werewolves like Taylor Lautner. He tells us, "I like Taylor, but our werewolves have a little more gravitas, they're edgier-looking, and they're just much meaner. They're vicious." And apparently True Blood's wolf pack, led by Joe Manganiello's Alcide, is not too hard on the eyes, either. Nelsan says, "They are some good-lookin' chaps! All the eyes on the set turn to the werewolves. They're like the GQ bastards."

Want more True Blood season three news? Here's the scoop from Nelsan (you know you love him) about Lafayette's new boyfriend, played by Kevin Alejandro, his crazy mother, played by Alfre Woodard, and his plans for Angelina Jolie if she were a True Blood castmember:

OK, Nelsan, spoil us silly. What can you tell us about season three? According to the star, "The werewolves are coming in. They're going to be good. Also, I get a love interest, and I have a mama now, played by Alfre Woodard. She's completely insane, so we'll see where that storyline goes." Lafayette's mom is insane? Oh, we cannot wait to see how those scenes play out!

So, if it's true that we'll be learning a lot more about Lafayette this year, including his mom and a new boyfriend, how does that tie into the overall mythology of the show? According to Nelsan, "It doesn't, because Lafayette's storyline is completely new, considering that I'm not supposed to be in the series. Lafayette was supposed to die the seventh episode of the first season. If I have a tie into the mythology it's my tie into the vampires. I'm Eric's henchman (Alexander Skarsgård) now. So that's my tie to the mythology, but my other storyline is human, and it's all new."

HBO/Jaimie Trueblood

Eric's henchman, huh? There are worse jobs a guy could have!

As for the other man in Lafayette's life, well, that's going to be the delicious Kevin Alejandro, who tells us of his role, "I just started last week, and I honestly don't know a whole lot, but there's definitely an interest between myself and the character of Lafayette." Can't wait!

Last but not least, we asked Nelsan whom he would like to see appear on the show and he told us that his pick would be Angelina Jolie, as a vampire queen. "She would slay the show." Excellent choice, sir!

Who is your dream True Blood guest star? Are you as excited as we are to meet both Alcide and Lafayette's new lovah when True Blood returns this summer? Hit the comments!


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