Girlfriend on Relapsed Jeff Conaway: "He Wants to Die at Home"

Grease actor's substance-abuse problem has gotten so bad, he's thought about suicide

By Josh Grossberg, Jason Kennedy Jan 22, 2010 2:00 AMTags

Two stints in Celebrity Rehab didn't take for Jeff Conaway. And now the reality for the Grease star is pretty grim.

Just ask his exasperated girlfriend, Vikki Lizzi, who has now come forward in an impassioned plea to get him help after he wound up hospitalized following a drug-fueled fall at his home.

"This is just devastating," Lizzi says in an exclusive interview with E! News. "I tried to save him from himself by trying to get him help...He wants to die at home. He knows the meds are killing him. He can't get off them."

The 59-year-old Conaway has been unable to kick a prescription drug habit. Things have gotten so bad that he's been contemplating his own funeral.

"He's talking about being burned on a boat and sent out to sea like a Viking funeral. It sends chills up my spine," Lizzi says. "We're all trying to save his life, and he's not listening."

According to Lizzi, Conaway has repeatedly brought up the subject of suicide and his condition has become so erratic that he has suffered several falls at home. The latest one this week resulted in emergency surgery for a fractured hip and head injuries. He is still recovering.

"I don't think he wants to die. I think it's the meds that are destroying his mind," Lizzi adds.

She says she's tried to get him help, but only a few of Conaway's famous friends have shown any interest. His old Grease running mate John Travolta expressed concern by sending flowers this week, and Celebrity Rehab guru Dr. Drew Pinsky is once again consulting with Conaway, although Lizzi isn't sure it's enough.

Conaway, she says, "is just stubborn. He needs an intervention."


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