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Glee: Guess who's paying a little ol' visit to the set of our favorite musical sensation today? Idina Menzel! Lea Michele (Rachel) took no time at all to tweet that Wicked's other leading lady (Kristin Chenoweth has already appeared) is on the set of Glee today.

"So happy she's on our show," gushed Lea. The cast is shooting the Madonna episode this week, so does that mean Idina might bust out a Material Girl hit? Not so fast, the show's Fox rep tells me they are actually shooting two episodes this week, and Idina is in the non-Madonna one.

Idina is rumored to be playing the rival glee club coach, but our money's still on some sort of biological connection to Rachel (Lea), who is adopted. "I have been told my whole life that I look like Idina," Lea told me recently. And if you're a Gleek you have to see this awesome video right here...

Glee goes global! Take a look at these kickass Japanese promos for the award-winning series. Fox's international rep tells us the spots have been a huge hit because Akebono Taro, the sumo wrestler who appears in both commercials, is a huge star overseas—no pun intended, of course.

How I Met Your Mother: Still craving more of Neil Patrick Harris' delicious rendition of "Nothing Suits Me like a Suit"? You may be in luck! Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are not above releasing a HIMYM soundtrack, including some Robin Sparkles, guest musicians and 100th episode musical moments. By the way, in case you missed it yesterday, NPH tweeted a photo of guest star Carrie Underwood wearing a retro flight attendant outfit.

United States of Tara: And the newest alter is...Shoshana. Expect to see the more sophisticated lady make her debut in the fourth episode of the new season.

America's Best Dance Crew: In light of his recent legal woes, famed judge and choreographer Shane Sparks has been replaced with Omarion, the R&B singer who starred in the Sparks-choreographed dance movie You Got Served.

And P.S. Since we're sharing links here, time for some shameless baby bragging...Sorry, I can't resist! Check out my cute munchkin here.


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