Conan O'Brien's been making the best of a bad situation, and now he's got Opera Man on his side.

Adam Sandler appeared on last night's Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien (only two to go!) and dropped the bombshell that he and fellow SNL stalwart Chris Farley were dumped by NBC despite their huge popularity.

"I did get fired also. Back in the day," he revealed. "Nobody wanted to tell me the truth that I was getting fired."

Sandler related a quick story of how his manager suggested that the funnyman find something else to do, but Sandler demurred, saying how much he liked SNL, that "it was fun there."

"And then all of a sudden Farley ran into my office and is like, 'We're getting fired!' "Me and him got fired. That's when my manager at the time came up with, 'NBC: Nothing But C----!' "

"Can we air that? What are they gonna do to me?" cracked Conan, mugging for the studio audience.

Sandler joked that he put in a good word for O'Brien at a few Hollywood studios.

"I already kinda laid into a few movie studios so it's done," added Sandler. "You're gonna be in movies with me. Only with me."

Some of Sandler's suggested film titles: The Sandman and the Tranny, Fire Crotch and Super Jew and Dude, Where's My Show?


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