Will MacGruber Blow Up at the Box Office?

Trailer for spy comedy has us on the edge of our seat

By Erik Pedersen Jan 21, 2010 3:00 AMTags

The clock is ticking, America.

While it used to be that most movies based on SNL skits were box office bombs, the trailer for MacGruber looks like it could just be clever enough to save the day.

Provided there aren't too many wires.

Led by Will Forte as the MacGyver-esque title hero, the film seems to have everything a good comedy needs these days: kickass action, salty humor and the awesome Kristen Wiig. The rest of the cast is inspired, too: hapless helper Ryan Phillippe, craggy military man Powers Boothe and slick villain Val Kilmer in a return to comedy that could just make us forget about The Island of Dr. Moreau. Almost.

So we like what we see. How about you, people?


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