When In Rome

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Kristen Bell is one of our fave Hollywood gals, and not just because she gave us a sexy Josh Duhamel love-status report!

First off, Kristen's adorable (yes—we're superficial), and she knows how to be the Girl Next Door while also having that slightly naughty appeal. Clearly, it's a balance she's picked up from boyfriend (and regular Blind Vicer) Dax Shepard.

We recently caught up with K.B., who stars alongside Dax and that other sexy bad boy, Josh Duhamel. Fergie's man and Kristen both star in the upcoming rom-com, When in Rome.

Listen to Kristen downright salivate as she gabs:

Let's cut straight to the point—we know your boyfriend's in the flick, but Josh Duhamel. Wow.
They're both awesome guys. Josh is maybe the prettiest male ever to walk the earth! He's gorgeous, right? Man.

And the gorgeous ones are always the ones who get into trouble...
No, Josh is amazing. Seriously, just a really good person.

Clearly we understand what Fergie sees in him...those eyes.
The funny thing is no one is going to realize how funny Josh Duhamel is. You have no idea! Honest to God, he might be the funniest guy in the movie. He's somehow convinced he's not funny, but he's hilarious! He's a comedian in this movie, not the heartthrob.

So no one had to twist your arm to sign alongside such a stud like Josh and, oh yeah, and your boyfriend, too!
Right! But also five guys revolve around the girl [played by Bell in When in Rome], and she didn't want any of them. I really liked that message. So many times we see the heartbroken girl, or the girl who needs the guy to complete her, and [Bell's character] didn't want any of that.

Still, if we didn't know how much K.Bell hearted her Dax, we'd think she had a little bit of a crush on her dreamy costar!

Can't blame her though, who wouldn't? But Fergie has nothing to worry about...with Kristen, that is.


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