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Last week we were raving about how shows like Modern Family could be just what TV needs right now, seeing as gay rights is still an über-hot issue.

Since our court system, now c--k blocking the recording of the Prop 8 trial, is not exactly the most helpful right now, maybe pop culture can pick up where our judicial system is seemingly leaving off.

We went straight to the stars of Modern Family and Glee to see if they think their TV shows are doing anything to shape society's viewpoints of the LGBTQ community, or if it's purely entertainment.

Here's what Jane Lynch and Eric Stonestreet had to say:

"I think the more we weave people like myself [into television] is a start," Lynch tells us. "I'm a homosexual; it's no secret! I'm just as normal as anyone else. Well, let's just put it this way—what's wrong with me has nothing to do with my sexual orientation."

The always hilarious Jane (and, might we add, practically only entertaining person backstage at the Golden Globes) continued:

"The more we show gay people as just being people, the better."

Here, here, sister.

At the Globes, we also caught up with Stonestreet who, although he is straight, portrays one half of Modern's gay couple.

"I think [our show] is a great opportunity to educate people," Eric said. "Our goal is to make people laugh, for sure, but while we're making people laugh, we want to open their minds that two men can raise a baby and give it love, a future and a life. That's icing on the cake for the show and the role. We just hope people like what we do."

Sure seems like everyone does, since Modern Family is scoring ridiculously high in the ratings, and Glee, too, obviously.

What do you all think? Is portraying gay characters and having gay people play these fan-favorite roles advancing gay rights? We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Glee beat out Modern Family for best comedy. See who else won in our Golden Globes: Winners Gallery.

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