Conan O' Brien, Twitter; Dan Edelson/NBC

UPDATE: Fox has denied having anything to do with the purchase of the domain name or the Twitter account. Ownership of the account is now listed, according to, as the more generic-sounding Domains by Proxy, Inc.

There's just no outsmarting a Fox.

Which is why the network's aw-shucks reluctance to enter into a public courtship with Conan O'Brien is starting to look downright genius.

Proving Fox whizzes are even quicker on the keyboard than with the checkbook, the forward-thinking Intellectual Property Department at 20th Century Fox last week quietly registered the domain name And then today, not so quietly, unleashed the site online.

While there's no content just yet—probably because there's no deal, ability to negotiate or official word that O'Brien is even leaving NBC—the site redirects users to the same-named Twitter feed, which, after a tenuous few minutes of account suspension earlier this afternoon, is back up in full force, with the exponentially growing number of Team Conan followers to prove it.

So far, the feed features just one tweet: "'Triumph means many things to many different people'—SoSH. Stay tuned."

And to this particular group of people, it could mean a few things, indeed.

Fox has yet to comment on the site, while NBC is apparently dragging its feet over Conan's ousting in order to save a few bucks, and O'Brien? Well, last night's lingering camera shot of a poster reading "Conan is a Fox" during the Tonight Show's coverage of the "I'm With CoCo" rallies is starting to make much more sense.

(Originally published Jan. 19, 2009, at 1:45 p.m. PT)


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