At least they tried.

Saturday Night Live kicked off last night's show with a spoof on the much-ballyhooed Conan O'Brien-Jay Leno face-off, and it was a seminoble effort to blast NBC's switcheroo tactics.

Leno and O'Brien paid a visit to Larry King Live in the sketch, with Darrell Hammond donning his Leno duds to perfection (denim on denim is a sure hit!) and Bill Hader looking lovely in CoCo's luscious red coif. Fred Armisen was dashing in King's signature suspenders, and Jason Sudeikis popped up as a giggly, gap-toothed David Letterman, but overall, the skit seemed a little too safe.

O'Brien sat in silence with an angry scowl across his face, while Leno babbled on and on in his typical monologue fashion. And guess what? Larry King is old, and the opener made that very clear.

Hey, SNL is an NBC staple, so we shouldn't have expected much more, but a genuine Conan impression would have been a nice touch.


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